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[Guide] Beginner's Guide to Teching

My experience with purple is that teching in as many as three 3-cost Tech I units in the first two turns works fine, so that’s why I have that in my suggested builds.

Generally I agree that teching too many answers is a bad idea, but for the all-in Omegacron + Rewind rush, I think you really do want two Origin Story in your deck to clear opposing heroes out of the way. Though since Barrelfish isn’t going with that build order, it’s kind of moot. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re enlisting help to create build orders for various specs, I’d recommend marking either the specs that have completed plans or the ones that need plans created in the post above.


T1: Tax Collector, Spectral Hound
T2: Free Speech, Spectral Hound
T3: Reteller of Truths, Macciatus the Whisoerer
T4: Reteller of Truths, Eyes of the Chancellor
T5: Liberty Gryphon, Liberty Gryphon

The eyes of the Chancellor is good with Macciatus, as it can hide him from spells. Tax collector to try and make it harder for your opponent to target your illusions before Macciatus or Reteller comes out.

Maybe not having Spectral Hounds at all to hide your truth plan is a good thing.

Blood tech build
Leverage base damage from units dying to win a base race. Bloodburn is good for this build.

T1: Crash bomber, Crash bomber
T2: Flame arrow, Kidnapping
T3: Bugblatter, Crashburrow
T4: Pirate Gang Leader, Ogre recruiter
T5: Pirate Gang Leader, Shoddy Glider

I’ve played a similar, but less Blood focused, style before and it works fine. I don’t know if Pirate Gang Leader Dies: trigger stacks or not, but the build can work either way. Pretty rough tech order in general since sooooo much can change.

My only real question is why double Crash Bomber? I’d think having a Lobber or two would also work, since they can exhaust to do 1 to a building and also have haste. I guess the idea is they get you patrol bonuses while doing damage, but they’re a bit less versatile.

They damage the opponents base by dying, which allows you to attack and patrol with them freely as opposed to lobbers which can’t effect the board AND use their ability at the same time. Lobbers are for the haste and ability to target buildings other then the base, and can certainly work their way into the build if you prefer.

Mono-red:Blood focus has arguably the most haste options in the game so you could sub out something else for Bloodlust instead of teching lobbers. Bloodlusted octopi can be fun :slight_smile:

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Think long and hard before including Tech III cards in your build order. If you aren’t specifically building your game around getting access to them, and teching in cards that support protecting your Tech III, you will often be better off not including the Tech III option.


I suspect the reason why so many newer players use Tech III is that they see this progression from Tech 0 to Tech I to Tech II, and they assume that the final step to Tech III is their goal. Of course, if both of them do that it’s fine… But the moment someone comes along with a strong Tech II focused plan, they’ll be destroyed for trying and not understand what they did wrong.

Also, why wouldn’t you want to use a dragon or a T-Rex?!

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Pointing to a PbF game where you executed this strategy might also be instructive, if available. A lot of these builds look closer to a theorycrafted idea than actually executed plan.

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Actually, that seems like a good requirement for all of these. If a build order hasn’t been successfully used in a game, then it ought to be tested before just accepting it for the guide.

Honestly, I’m sure most of these are theorycraft. For example, the ones I made for Bashing vs Finesse were just what came to mind + suggestions from the forums. Being theorycraft doesn’t automatically make them bad, and they hardly need to be perfect, but some testing would be good.

I’ve updated the post with all the plans that have been posted here so far. Thanks everyone for posting those. The 8 specs still missing are now marked (TBD).

I wanted to get something slotted in for now, even if it’s just theorycraft and/or imperfect. I’m happy to make edits as people have them.

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The present one I submitted has definitely been tested. Although it’s probably not 100% accurate (I think the guy who pioneered it actually teched double Hyperion turn two) but it’s close enough and will forgive a new player a little more.
Stewardess into Hyperion is a bloody strong line.

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This is the standard Peace plan:

T1: Overeager Cadet, Free Speech
T2: Garrison, Overeager Cadet
T3: Drill Sergeant, Drill Sergeant
T4: Spectral Flagbearer, Hallucination
T5: Spectral Flagbearer, Boot Camp

Worker Bluecoat Musketeer, Lawful Search, Jail, and Manufactured Truth.

Strategy: Get down Garrison ASAP, then play lots of cheap units to block/attack. Once you have Drill Sergeants, your units will be huge, but if your opponent’s are bigger, use Hallucination to make them Illusions, then target then with Drill Sergeant’s ability.


The Spectral Flagbearer counters your own Hallucination. Do you mean, Spectral Hound instead?

No, it doesn’t. You aren’t affected by your own Flagbearers.


Whenever an opponent plays a spell or ability that can ◎ a flagbearer, it must ◎ a flagbearer at least once. -Flagbearer help text (emphasis added)

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Oh, really? TIL. Now I get it, to protect your Drill Sergeants ^^


I think you should replace the Tech III guys with something else. War Drums is a great option, along with Land Octopus.

I’d go with something like:

T1: Crash Bomber, Crash Bomber
T2: Blood Lust, Kidnapping
T3: Bugblatter, Crashbarrow
T4: Land Octopus, Flame Arrow
T5: Shoddy Glider, Desperation

Worker Scorch, Bloodburn, Mad Man, and Careless Musketeer

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Here’s an option for Balance:

T1: Tiny Basilisk, Centaur
T2: Dinosize, Galina Glimmer
T3: Potent Basilisk, Faerie Dragon
T4: T-Rex, Moment’s Peace
T5: T-Rex, Moment’s Peace

Make good trades with your early units, focusing on keeping enemy Heroes off the board. Use Moment’s Peace to protect your Tech III, and then win with Dinosaurs.

Worker Rich Earth, Verdant Tree, Spore Shambler, and Ironbark Treant


I’m sure the Jurassic Park fan at my local card club will approve.

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