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[Gauging Interest] Team Draft Tournament

Since YOC is coming to a close, I would like to TO a long-form (double elim, one match a week) team draft style tournament. This is similar to YOC in that both competitors would have a stable of characters, but four characters are drafted by both players right before every match, and this stable would last for only the length of the match.

Example Draft, 1 ban

Draft order would be A bans, B bans, A-BB-AA-B-A-B
A bans Argagarg
B bans DeGrey
A picks Zane
B picks Grave and Gwen
A picks Onimaru and Valerie
B picks Persephone
A picks Geiger
B picks Vendetta

A (Argagarg, Zane, Onimaru, Valerie) vs. B (Grave, Gwen, Persephone, Vendetta)

How many characters should be banned by each player?

  • 1
  • 2

0 voters

What format would you like to see?

  • Conquest (must win with every character)
  • Elimination (must eliminate the opponent’s characters)

0 voters

To be honest, I am not 100% sure there will be enough interest for me to run this. Prove me wrong and sign up today!

  1. vengefulpickle
  2. Niijima-san
  3. FenixOfTheAshes
  4. Ivan
  5. Caralad

I’m always game for more Yomi (as long as I’m staying at 2 matches a week or fewer)

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I’m not a big fan of any format that doesn’t let me random or CP whomever I want, but I’ll play almost anything (except 19xx). Count me in.

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We are nearing the time for Summer Smash. That is my favorite tournament. @Jengajam, has not been seen since October of last year. If he is not going to run it this year, then I would prefer you to consider running that. You could be the reigning TO for the two most prestigious Yomi tournaments. Wow, what an honor.


That is fair. I suspect that this idea won’t be getting too much interest (even on the old forums this kind of tournament got only 16 participants), so unless this blows up by the end of the week, I will not run this and wait for Jengajam to show up, or I will run SS myself.


I have conversed with my old friend and partner Redless. We would be in if this were to go ahead.

Oh this is a solo event. Unfortunately, I doubt that I could get enough teams interested in playing this format, sorry friendo. Really should’ve changed the name, that’s my bad

Dammit cpat. I got all excited.

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I’d be in for this, or Summer Smash if that’s run instead.

Isn’t SS suppose to start at Summer :wink: like end of Jun or early July. My math skills says that there are something like 3 months until then. IMO this event could start and end before SS. For sure i will join this. /and SS of course - no mater what or when/.

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Like I said in game Cpat, I’d been thinking about this format for a while. Sign me up.

Count me in.
There’s never enough Yomi!

I’m in for some tournament yomi!

Ahh, fond memories of this with @migohunter


I am interested, but only if we keep the team aspect.