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Gaguing Interest in Saturday Tournaments

I want to get back into competitive Yomi and was thinking about restarting my Saturday morning Yomi series of tournaments. These tournaments are all about speed of play so will have an unconventional double KO rule.

Here’s the format:
Single elimination
Fast Timer
Double KO counts as a win for both players. If this would result in both players getting their second win then the player that has the least amount of negative HP wins the set (Example Grave at 1hp vs Setsuki at 8hp a Q clash would result in a Grave win). If both fighters have the same amount of negative HP then the player that started with the lower amount of HP wins the game. If it’s still tied then a new game will be played, same characters must be used.

I realize this warps play but I don’t care for this format. Since the focus is on speed of play I really don’t want sets going more then three games. However, if you can come up with a better double KO rule that still prevents sets from going more then three games I’m open to suggestions.

Tournaments will probably take place around 9am PST (GMT -8).

Would people be interested in playing in a tournament like this?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Interested, but can’t make that time

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With the lack of a general chat on Steam how do people run single day events? do you just use the Sirlin games Discord to communicate with people? or is some other format better?

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i’m interested (10 chars)

What a pity! 9am PST means 1am the next day for GMT+8 here, oh my goodness!!!

There’s a general chat on steam. When neigutten ran his fast timer series it was typically run through that. Just make the challonge link something relatively short, since you can’t copy-paste from Steam chat.