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Forum Update breaking things?

It appears the forum was updated, and now the bold [B] tag is not working.

[B] This Should be Bold [/B]

Also the color scheme changed, now unread threads are white instead of gold/yellow. Not really broken, just different.


This looks bold in preview, we’ll see if it’s bold in the actual post.
[b]This looks bold in preview, we'll see if it's bold in the actual post.[/b]

Edit: I think the problem you’re having is the spaces between your bold tags and your text?

nope, it appears to be the the B vs b




Well, that’s dumb. At least we know now? Science!

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Also, you can’t put details and spoiler tags back-to-back anymore when nesting the spoiler inside; you need the details tag to have its own line (as well as the blank line above it). I had a mess-load of thoughts in the tourney game visible for a while. :b


Thanks for the warning! I’ve been doing it that way for ages, so I’m sure all my past games have broken formatting now… :sweat_smile:

fwiw i preferred much mor ethe old version :sob:

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is it just me or are the staff posts unreadable for all?
I mean the yellow fluo is awful for the eyes, now all @Leontes posts are some kind of rave disco light.


Yeah, the staff theming is awful in this version


Holy balls, who the hell allowed that through testing. That is garish and awful.


I believe the staff has said before that they are on a hosted Discourse server. This was probably done by the Discourse team and not Sirlin Games staff, and probably tested on sites that have different use cases than our play-by-forum “discussions” :wink:

That said, I too am unhappy that I had to change my post format and now all my old posts are broken AF, but I’m not sure much can be done about it.

Any mods that can weigh in and confirm?


I didn’t mean the format changes, I meant mod post colours. Like seriously, that yellow!

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I made a simple web tool to deal with the changes: Codex Tracking Spreadsheet