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Forgotten Legion: Fire & Blood

WARNING: This post is half preposterous banter, half serious.

Terminus et Exordium

Hello, Meat Pups.

Some of you might have thought that we were done (again). We are not, and will never be. Sorry but we are not sorry!

I am happy to bring back the FL thread to all my friends, disciples, new guys and random readers that just wanna have some fun in a goofy thread. Here is the old OP with the necessary changes.
Since things are what they are, it is time for me to move into the light.
So it is time for my Corps to come forward.
You can call us The Forgotten Legion, The Fallen Legion or The Black Stone Corps.
“Power by any other name would feel as sweet” William Shakespeare once said.
The ruleset to access to the Corps will stay secret, consider it based on my whim, if you want.
Alas it is not.
The only thing i can say, is that is group friendly. You can be BRD for example and still belong to the Corps.
Here are our ranks:

Overlord: Legion

The only Master and Ruler of the Black Stone and of the Forgotten Legion.
Ace of all trades, he knows all the mus and can play any character with equal skill.
He is unparalleled in wisdom, and in the same glorious day 4 respected community members (their names will remain secret unless i decide otherwise and they give me their permission) called him “one of the strongest players of the current community”.

The Four HorseMen:
Four players equal in skill and wisdom to the Overlord, and also his favorites training partners.
Once got the Horseman title, it cannot be lost, unless the user gets inactive, or nuttier than a fruitcake.
Both events would sadden me quite a lot.

The HorseMen are
War: @JonnyD
Death: @MysticDeadman
Famine: @Corroyeur
Conquest: @FenixOfTheAshes

Champions: Those are those players who have at least a solid main in all mus. Their skill can vary, though.
They can be at Horseman level or just reaching the skill level necessary. They may seek help for learning more chars or specific mus. Or just fun. We are all here for the fun, tbh. @neigutten @Caralad @hamvvar @Kirandio

Soldiers: They are new/ish guys learning the ropes. Still searching for a good main or getting insight on their favourite char. They get promoted to champions when they build up enough experience. @feathers

The lists of both Champions and Soldiers are actually incomplete, since my memory falters after eons and eons of human babbling into my ears.
So I will update this post whenever i remember a nickname or find a new member. Also a lot of ppl has gone missing, or inactive, or the Void has devoured them.
Membership is not optional, you do not ask in or out is all mine to decide.
The purpose of this thread is to make the members of the Legion know they are part of something greater, and also allow them to know who they can ask for matches/tutoring/have a lot of fun if the queue is empty (but they see another member online). This is basically the serious part.
All the players listed here are good people, so have no second thought in asking them advices or match availability if you see them online. They may ofc answer no (Real Life is a cruel mistress ) but at least you know is not because you are bothering them or feel 2cool4u; they just can’t.

Even though they are not part of the Legion, mysticjuicer mi-go hunter Bomber678 FraaOrolo hartley deserve a honorable mention. If you are new and are looking for a kind opponent, they will never let you down

I have several plans in motion. Also I want to add that I will post some thing I think may be useful, and invite all the FL members to do the same, if they feel like sharing. Anyone who has question, for example on my cp list, can feel free to ask me explanations or question my choices. If challenged, I will gladly accept.

Remember to be polite, tho. Always respect forum rules, and remember that u can attack someone ideas but not the person. Everyone is entitled to have his opinion and personality, and that includes me.
Ofc all members can ask me via convo or during battle advices or insight about Yomi.
PS: the u can only tag 10 users is dumb!


I’d like to formally complain about the fact that my throne is smaller than @Legion’s. Because Death is the end of all things, I demand that my throne be at least 3 inches taller, so as to at least match the height.

I’d also like to base it on the fact that I’m the only seatholder that actively mains :chibigwen:, and everything goes cold when it dies.


Instead of wasting space, Like MD, i’d like to add some honorable mentions that the 10 limit prevented me to do earlier.
@Twenty-Seven @Phrawger @scymrian @Zqxx @flagrantangles are not members of the Legion, but only cuz they do not meet the criteria.
They are awesome players and more importantly great persons, and is a pleasure to both chat and play with <3


This thread needs a lot more :codexjaina: and :codexdrakk:!

sorry ._.


Thank you very much for your recognition, Overlord. Know that I seek to improve daily and endeavor to one day serve as a Champion.[quote=“Legion, post:1, topic:553”]
Also I want to add that I will post some thing I think may be useful, and invite all the FL members to do the same, if they feel like sharing.
I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds as an honorable mention, but I have something to say to the community: be bold! The Yomi community is great, but imperfect. I’d venture to say that perfection is unattainable, but yet worth striving for. If you think you see any area where you can contribute, but are nervous: just do it! Make that video! Share that theory! Organize that tournament! The worst case scenario is that people disagree with what you’re trying to put out there, but even that engenders discussion, which is always valuable.


So u think they:

Are their offspring?

Just to reiterate, I’m a goddamned delight. :kissing_heart:


@Twenty-Seven has very good tastes in music, a mere mention is not enough. I may try to starve humanity, but it has to be done properly.

Also, our Overlord is crazy.


Now, while i wait for me to find the will to repost stuff from the old forum (cpy past is hard), a recent conversation with @Phrawger inspired me to compile a list of edge cases that in yomi tournanents can turn tables.
Feel free to add anything i may have forgotten or ignored.

  1. Final Authority beats even crash bomb. meaning it can interrupt CB , zane gets damage and KD, u go home scott free.
  2. BBB J overdrive can be safely disabled by both Gloria’s K, ven’s 7, oni FA. J can be interrupted by an attack that KDs. It also prevent the normal/K throw mixup.
  3. Onimaru’s Clockwork soldiers activate before the damage step. Meaning if u fite a troq/rook and have aces attached and your Q would clash with their AA/Q even if u do not have FA you’ll win thanks to Clockwork activation.
  4. There is a small but significant difference between crash bomb and windmill crusher/lockhorn screwer effect. Let’s suppose you have only 3 HP and you are troq/rook. you reveal K and your opponent with 10 hp reveals 4 attack. U take 4 dmg, but K wins combat via its effect so you both go below 0 and the match is a tie. In the same scenario but as Zane, since CB does not win combat, Zane reaches 0 hp and loses without CB effect activating.