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Fan Spec - Prosperity [Blue]

I was reminded of this old custom spec I put together around the game’s release, so I decided to port it over to these forums. I’ve never playtested it but it was fun to make.


Lum Bam-foo, Gambling Panda
1-3: (1/3) Attacks: Flip a coin. Heads: gain (1).
4-5: (2/4) Stash (You may keep a card during the discard/draw step. If you do, draw 1 card less.)
6: (3/4) :exhaust: -> Exchange your hand with an equal number of cards from your draw or discard pile.


Short-Term Investment - 0g

Prosperity Spell
Sacrifice a worker. Gain (3).

Jackpot - 1g

Prosperity Spell
Draw a card. Reveal 2 random cards from the opponent’s hand or discard pile. If either is an Ultimate Spell or Tech III unit, draw a card and gain (5).

Sleight of Paw - 5g

Prosperity Spell
Trash a unit from your codex. Make one of your units of the same tech level a copy of it.
“What are you talking about? That was always there.”

All in! - 0g

Ultimate Prosperity Spell
Sacrifice all your workers and lose all your gold. Your cards cost (0) this turn.

Tech I

Young Investor - 2g

Unit - Human - (3/3)
Upkeep: You may flip a coin. Heads: gain (1). Tails: lose (1).
He’s pretty confident he can beat the market.

Casino - 1g

Building - 3HP
Each player’s Upkeep: that player puts (1) on Casino. Leaves: the active player gains all gold on Casino. :exhaust: -> Sacrifice Casino.
The house always wins.

Tech II

Careful Accountant - 3g

Unit - Human - (2/5)
Resist 1. Whenever Careful Accountant takes combat damage, draw a card.
He used to have more cards, until the new restrictions came along.

Savvy Investor - 3g

Unit - Human - (4/4)
(1) -> Put (2) from the bank on Savvy Investor. Upkeep: Gain all gold on Savvy Investor.

Gambling Buddy - 2g

Unit - Panda - (3/3)
(2), :exhaust: -> Put a poker rune on Gambling Buddy and he gets Invisible until your next upkeep. Remove three poker runes -> Exhaust all of an opponent’s units and heroes.
“Fold, fold, fold…can’t we play a different game? I know one you might like…”

Pandamonium Squad - 5g

Unit - Pandas - (4/6)
Haste. Arrives and Upkeep: Randomly choose one of the following: +2 ATK and Overpower this turn, Flying this turn, Obliterate 1 this turn, Indestructible this turn, Summon two 1/1 Mini Panda tokens, Sacrifice this and your base takes 4 damage.
“Let’s spice things up a little!”

Rabbit’s Foot - 3g

:exhaust:, Discard a card -> Search your deck, discard pile, or Codex for a card, reveal it, and put it in your hand.
Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. That’s what a little luck can do for you.

Tech III

Fern, Black Panda Lord - 9g

Unit - Legendary Panda :target: - (5/6)
Arrives, Attacks, Leaves, Upkeep: Gain control of an opponent’s unit, upgrade, building card, or worker (active player chooses).


I love the design of this card in general, but I wonder how it would play out! It might not be worth playing against a Codex-:fish:, but, heck - that’s a fun idea! :game_die::smiley_cat:

Holy carpe, I love this design as well! :angel::tropical_fish: The attack/health stats of this unit might be too good though? I’m probably wrong about this… But it is how I feel! :o

This is OP, & makes Bigby & Vandy’s card-finding tools look embarrassingly bad! Plz ban! (Nerfs are also acceptable!)

imo too many op cards. CAsino can’t cost just 1 imho.
Rabbit foot is just broken, maybe even the pandalord, but being tech III idk.
overall seems unbalanced to me.

Casino isn’t really OP. It is effectively steal 1g from opponent, but with the chance for that player to get the gold back by destroying casino. The main thing that might make it OP is the fact that other steal effects require the opponent to leave float or generate a scavenger bonus to work.

4/4 for 3g is pretty average for a tech 2. The bonus only works if it survives.

Rabbit’s foot does not seem OP to me. Vandy and Bigby get cards way easier than a tech 2 that has to wait a turn to activate. This card has exactly zero impact on the game the turn it is played. Compare to Might of Leaf and Claw, same general idea of investing in the future, except MoLaC can win the game the turn it is played with the right setup. With a good plan you usually don’t need this cards effect. Just tech in the card you actually need and it should show up when needed.

Lastly, Panda Lord should not be able to target a tech 3 unit. Otherwise it seems fine.

Being able to pull things out of the deck and discard, instead of the codex, means Rabbit’s foot doesn’t bloat the deck like Vandy and Bigby, and can do it consistently if it stays in play. Maybe not important if you have a good plan, but if you don’t, or are just learning like myself, it could be a decently-powered crutch.

Bigby just has a draw and stash, which can help, but isn’t really comparable to Rabbit’s Foot. Vandy has Dark Pact and the midband grab from codex, which are more comparable, but they are also a lot easier to use. Vandy is a powerful hero that is relatively easy to keep around, and I can make use of dark pact immediately on turn 3, for no gold, to accelerate into whatever else I am teching. The upgrade in power level from things I can do with a hero at the start of the game, to things I have to wait to use until I have a functioning tech 2 should be fairly significant. As tech 2 is a reasonable level to have game ending effects, Rabbit’s foot doesn’t quite reach the bar of game ending effects, but I agree it is almost there, and is probably fine as is.

It could be limited to not searching the discard to tone down its power a bit. That is its most OP effect, being able to potentially play the same card twice, or resurrect a unit that just died, or play a hasty unit twice, but it does not confer any special ability to play other specs.

I was thinking of Bigby’s Jurisdiction rather than his abilities, but I agree, the Foot looks basically fine.

I often forget about jurisdiction, as its main purpose is to cast a spell even though a specific hero is dead. In color that is almost always free speech in situations where you absolutely must cast it or lose, but it is still extremely expensive.