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[Custom] Persephone hero

Hey! How would the [Dominance] spec look? And, would it be Blue or Black?!

1-3: Tap: Disable a tech 0 or tech 1 unit. Stats: 1/3
4-6: Tap: Look at up the bottom 2 cards of your opponents drawpile, you may put up to 1 of those card on top of their drawpile. Stats: 1/4
7: Rearrange your opponents drawpile as you please. Stats: 1/5


Ultimate: debuff spell: For any opposing unit or hero that attacks, you control what and when they have to attack. (You just tell your opponent before their turn - has no effect on hasted units - if the assigned target is no longer present to be attacked, controlling player can choose for herself)

You try it: buff spell, give a friendly unit long range until end of turn

I don’t think so: look at an opponents top card and bottom card of their draw deck, put one of them back at the bottom and one of them at the top.

Try that again: The first spell your opponent wants to cast, is dicarded and has no effect.

Blue is the better mechanical fit, but it’s pretty bad as a thematic fit. Unless Persephone is actually bankrolling the Flagstone Dominion, which would make her quite the double agent, given the lease on life she granted DeGrey. But such manipulation might be fitting…


Given that codex uses factions rather than philosophy to define the colors, Perse should be White.

Well, DeGrey is White by choice, and DeGrey owes Perse favors and is effectively immortal for her amusement and perhaps other purposes. But that doesn’t mean Perse is White.

I don’t think Perse likes Black. When the demons overrun the world, it’s going to get a lot less interesting, and I think Lady Night likes her world interesting.

I would put Perse and Menelker (whose biggest priority is currently dealing with the Blackhand Scourge) in their own faction, along with Gwen/Gloria (who I’d like to see as a tag-team character: two characters that take up one slot) who also have beef with Blackhand.
Maybe call the color “Night Sky”?
It fits with Perse, it fits with a black flying dragon, and even Gwen has a Sun/Moon/Stars theme.