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[COMPLETE] Solo Showdown

It’s the return of a classic long-form tournament, but in an easy-to-take pill form! Make your choice for this tournament carefully, because it just might be the only one you ever make!

Lock yourselves in and get ready for one hell of a ride! It’s

##Solo Showdown


  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 3 (Grand Finals will be best of 5)
  • Fast TImer
  • Players must select one character and one character only for the duration of the tournament. Any player who deviates from their selected character will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Random is NOT a character
  • Double KO is a win for both players, except if it would cause both to win the set

The tournament will be held at this time on Sunday, July 30th, though I can try and allow for changes in scheduling. Players interested in the tournament may respond here or whisper me in game chat 30 minutes before the event’s scheduled start time. All players MUST disclose their character choice to me via whisper prior to the event. Character selections will not be released publicly during the event, but will be enforced during tournament play.

The following characters are NOT banned:

but using them may or may not result in the player(s) using them being covered in neon-green slime

So, do you have the confidence in your best character to be able to take them from start to finish? ;)[poll type=regular]

  • Wednesday, July 26 @ 1 AM UTC
  • Friday, July 28 @ 6 PM UTC
  • Sunday, July 29 @ 7 PM UTC

I’m in. But whom will I play…?


Watch me read your mind.


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Can’t make it due to start time, so glhf to all participants!


Same, which makes my character choice very easy. I was looking forward to this more then LLL :frowning:

Again, I’m posting this a week in advance, so if there’s a better start time/date that would work for more people, scream it at me.

That whole week is my vacation week, so any day other than the 27th is good for me, hosting wise.


If it’s a weekday, it’d have to start at or after at least 7pm Eastern for me to make it.

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Same here, although after 8 eastern would be even better for me.

I’m in a similar boat. I could only make it after 8pm EST, and it would be easier after 9pm (although, that could push the end time into the wee hours of the morning, I’d imagine).


Maybe make a poll among three or four time choices, and let people click all the times that work for them?


Regrettably, I will have to cut my Friday workday short. I’m in.

(If you have to move the time, I’m predicting that I’ll be in.)

double elimination is too long for me, so i’ll sit out. guys. @Hobusu if i get that right, 8pm EST is like 1am for eubois…

It’s a shame that the time zones work out like that, but that’s the only time I’m free on weekdays. I’d like to second @Zqxx and request that a poll be made, so that the people who spoke first (those in the Eastern time zone) can’t automatically “win” the right to be the only ones accommodated.

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Motion has been passed.

There’s a poll up with 3 possible start times, in a simultaneous effort to allow for E U B O I S to enter and to not coincide with NFTT, since somebody (I will not name names @neigutten) decided he was going to hold his event on the same day that I had originally planned to.


My votes are definitely fri or sun! I’m one of the EU!
So end poll now, 100% votes on friday! :grin::joy:

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I voted for Sunday, but at 7pm UTC and with double elimination really I don’t think I’d be able to play.

i voted sunday, but imho single elim would guarantee me playing.

OP has been updated to reflect the new start time.
Solo Showdown will now be held on Sunday, July 29th at 7PM UTC. Link has also been updated.

29 July is a Saturday.

What? Who said anything about July 29th? Look closer, it says July 30th.
changes dates before anyone can notice*

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