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Codex tutorials


I was thinking the other day that there should be some tutorials for Codex. Like 1 player modes for the physical version. We already have quite a few puzzles with interesting solutions, find the lethal and all of that, so why not set up some round 1, 2 and 3 tutorials against different things? Is it just too unreasonable to rig the first 3 turns of a match to work in a single player experience?

I was firstly thinking about the Metamorphosis opening with Vandy. This would obviously be “hard mode”. Then you could do the turn two 3/3 water elemental Arargarg opening too. You get my point.

The win condition would be “by turn 3, you are ahead if these conditions are met”.

This way, people can try and craft decks that ends up beating (tho, of course an “ai”) perfect draws from solid decks, without necessarily having opponents ready to play.

It may be that this is what people usually do, but personally I am not informed about the specific build orders good decks usually are. And, if we don’t only focus on the hard ones, it could be a fun exercise in creating decks for beginners or casuals too ^^


I was thinking the same thing. It would also be a good idea to outline various build orders (similar to sc2) for players to review and critique.

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not exactly what you propose but the other day I was thinking there should be a tutorial mode for new players to learn the basic mechanics and can increase in difficulty and become a hard puzzle for veterans.

for example.
tutorial 1:
you are mono black with 7 gold and your hand is skeleton javelineer, summon skeletons, whatever.
*have 4 skeletons in your board this turn !

solution is obviously summoning garth and using his ability, casting summon skeleton and playing javelineer.
teaches how to summon hero, use hero ability, cast spell, play a unit from hand, pay attention to unit type.

tutorial 3
you are mono red.have 7 gold, your hand contains surprise attack and whatever, opponent base at 8hp, opponent patrol filled with flyers.

*win this turn !
solution is summon zane and sharks and deal damage to the base directly.
teaches how flyers dont block ground units.

etc etc


That is a great idea too!

I imagine a wealth of different tutorials that could be used ^^ And considering the complexity and edge cases that can end up appearing in this game, these could be fun challenges for everyone involved ^^