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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet

@Zejety and Alextfish posted fantastic tracking spreadsheets specifically for use with playing Codex on the forum. I was inspired by Zejety’s work in particular and designed my own. I have modified Zejety’s sheet extensively, and am posting it here. It is a google spreadsheet, and clicking the link below will create a copy for your personal use.

Codex Forum Game Template

Simply enter the factions you are using and your player number, then hit start game, and your initial hand and deck will be populated randomly.

Some actions may require manual manipulation of the cards, but largely turns are automatically generated and the Post Template is compiled from the list of actions taken in a turn. The Post Template is specifically designed with this forum in mind.

Peek function and the Top of Deck spot is meant for use with Vir’s Topband ability and Appel Stomp. Clicking peek will move a card to the top of the deck, and you can then swap a card from hand with the card in the top of deck slot for vir’s abilities, or move appel stomp from hand to the top of the deck after drawing a card.

the Stash spot is for Bigby’s topband ability. If you move a card from hand to Stash, your next hand will be generated correctly during the discard/draw step.

This is the tab where you find the automatically generated text to paste into the forum and post your turn.


Wow that’s awesome! While randomly clicking around I accidentally created a [Law] / Balance / Anarchy deck, which sounds like a terrible spec but an amazing sitcom.


Absolutely amazing. While I kinda enjoy fiddling around with the physical cards in my binder, I think this is probably more efficient for PbP play.

Updated the google sheet for mobile usability features inspired by Alextfish’s sheet. The buttons can’t be clicked when on mobile devices, so instead selecting Yes in the associated dropdowns will run the associated functions. The buttons still work normally on PC.

I’d love to hear feedback on the usefulness of the sheet.


It’s great; I use it for all of my pbp games now. The only improvement I can think of would be to make it list how many cards you teched in the turn summary when you generate a post, so that your opponents know when you stop teching cards.

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Good idea, i can add it right before the Get Paid statement.

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This is an amazing convenience, but as I’m playing I’m becoming aware that I don’t actually know how I would accomplish some stuff.

How would you Stash a card? How would you do Vir’s top-band? I know that you say those aren’t supported, but I don’t really even see an obvious way to work around those things.

How do you skip your discard/draw if your opponent hits you with Prynn’s midband?

Don’t take this the wrong way. This sheet is a godsend. I’d be willing to pitch in to help implement some stuff like that if you like. I have my own sheet that handles Vir’s topband and Stash. It isn’t as usable for a single forum game, though (meant for two players to share as they play each other, and doesn’t create forum posts).

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Really, I need to implement additional buttons for Stash, Vir, and Skip. As for manual intervention, at least for Stash, I simply move the card out of the play area, hit draw/discard, than move the card back into my hand. For Vir, you can hit draw card to see what is on top and then put it back in the deck area. Skipping discard draw is a bit trickier. Take the cards in the hand and deck and move them out of the play area, then fill the deck area with a few x’s, then when you hit discard draw, you will discard 0 and draw 2 x’s, then just move your hand and deck back into position and get rid of the x’s. All 3 of these workarounds require you to edit what is generated for the forum post, such as deleting things and could be implemented as button functions if I devote the time. I considered creating a top of deck zone and a stash zone but wanted to make sure the sheet was generally usable before diving into these special cases.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do more work on the sheet. If I did, i’d probably end up trying to make something that was fully rules enforced, scope creep!


I have implemented the change requested for tech card counts. I also made a few minor bug fixes.

NOTE: it is important that if you are using Draw 1 function for technicians draws and and any other opponent’s turn draws, that you do not enter your tech choices until after doing so. This is to prevent them from being shuffled in.

Making plans to add a STASH zone and a “Top of Deck Zone” and associated PEEK function button, each taking up a single cell. I am not sure if it would be better to have way over on the right near the building health, or put it below or near the draw 1 and discard/draw buttons. INPUT ON PLACEMENT WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

Function of these 2 zones would be as follows:
STASH: place a card here from your current list of cards in hand in order to ensure it ends up back in your hand after the discard/draw step.
TOP OF DECK: Either place a card here, such as Appel Stomp, or use the PEEK command to move a card from deck to here so that when using the draw or discard/draw commands, this card is drawn first before drawing from the deck

You could kinda combine the two, because if you think about it stashing is just like putting it on top of your deck.

Unfortunately it is not quite the same. It changes how many you will draw. With stash, you effectively get one more card than your hand size discard/draw indicates.

Uh, no…
If you have three cards in hand, you discard 3, draw 5.
If you have three cards in hand, stash one, discard 2, draw 4. Net total is still 5.

Similarly, one card in hand, discard 1, draw 3.
One card in hand, stash it, discard 0, draw 2. Net total, still 3.

Stash never gets you extra cards. It just keeps one.

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I am not talking about extra cards, I am talking about the discard+2 formula. If I put a card on top of the deck for stash, my hand is now 2, then i go to do the discard draw, i discard 2 draw 4. and that draw 4 is actually 3 plus the card i put on top of the deck, which is not the intended result of stash, as you have very clearly described. You can’t put the stash card on top of the deck and expect to get the same results as actually stashing the card somewhere else.

Perhaps I am not explaining this great… Point is you have outlined exactly how the two actions are different, you have to take a different series of steps to end up with the same number of cards.


As an implementation note, an edge case is that even if you have a four (or more) card hand, if you stash a card, you will then discard 3 and draw 4 (not 5).

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I guess I’m thinking too far along the lines of Puzzle Strike… (where you literally just put chips on top of your bag and drew them first)

I think I found a bug. Once you get to the late game and stop teching, the generated post shows the most recent tech choice each turn.

I had noticed that a couple days ago and it is now fixed if you generate a new sheet from the link above.

much appreciated!

Whoops, didn’t think to check the master sheet! I’ll have to make sure to grab a new copy for my next game :smiley:

As an added convenience, I have created a space to put your opponents deck which will create a link to their deck, for easy reference.

Still working on Stash and TopDeck. Might get them added in sometime within the next week, if I can kill all the bugs and edge cases. Looking something like this…