Codex Tracking Spreadsheet

Is Zhavier still around? If so, can you explain what the purpose of the far right state boxes are for? (the ones that are labeled patrol, board, and buildings, that seem to get #REF errors, or be a duplicate of the other boxes.)

zhavier hasn’t been active for a little while now, sadly.
The state section holds all the relevant information for the player’s board state, including building health, so I’d think that’s used to generate the forum post. #REF errors will be due to formulas getting accidentally changed: if you look at the formulae involved in those cells, it should be reasonably clear how to fix them.

@charnel_mouse The format of your posts looks pretty good to me and it seems to already have a feature I was looking for (tracking how many cards you should have). Any chance I can get a copy to try to consolidate everyone’s sheet features?

There’s no copy, I write my posts manually. I could set up a post with the format and a brief description of how I use it to avoid common problems, if that would be helpful for scripting.

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Yeah, that could help. I’m not decided on how I would approach it. No rush though, I doubt I would get to this feature for a while.