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[Codex Puzzle] The Most HPT (Hyperions Per Turn)

Depends whether HPT is measured based on your Turns or the opponent’s Turns. If it’s based on your own turns, then Double Time doesn’t actually increase your HPT, because you’re just taking more turns, not increasing the number of Hyperions. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the mirrored Hyperions are dying to whatever they are attacking into, you can get a pretty high HPT. Here’s a no-Double Time setup:

Starting position:
two Hyperions, Max Quince with two Mirrors, sub-Maximum Geiger, Sanitorium

Suicide two Hyperions
Exhaust Geiger to draw a Hyperion actually you don’t need to do that, the second Hyperion’s attack can draw the first Hyperion, wow, great
Activate Sanitorium: 1 gold, draw second Hyperion, put both Hyperions from hand into play, both mirrors become copies of Hyperion
Suicide both mirrors
4 gold: create mirror, copy Hyperion, suicide attack (repeat three more times, total of 16 gold)
Attack with real Hyperions
Kill an enemy hero with one of those attacks somewhere along the way to maxband Geiger, flickering a Hyperion for +1 attack

Gold spent: 17
HPT: 11

If you are using Double Time shenanigans, drop the Sanitorium, and you can do something like

Start with two Hyperions, attack in ways they won’t die
Create five mirrors, copying Hyperions, attack in suicidal ways: 20 gold
Take two extra turns
max Geiger by killing an enemy hero at some point for +1 attack
final turn: Promise of Payment to get four free Ready or Nots for +4 attacks

Total Hyperion attacks: 26

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If you start without Geiger maxed, you can throw some attacks at enemy heroes to level him to max, and cycle a Hyperion for one more attack.

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Aw man. I was working on an infinite solution, but then I saw the “trash this card” clause on double time.

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Aw man. I was working on an infinite solution, but then I saw the “trash this card” clause on double time.

If it didn’t self-trash, it would not be very hard to set up infinite turns in a real game, which would be lame.

I think we have different ideas of lame :wink:


Ok, answer is still infinite:

[details=Summary]opponent has an Immortal and a Hyperion in play. You have a max-band Quince, a Tech 2 Law, a tech lab for Truth. You have a max-band Prynn, banishing your Ebbflow Archon. You also have a 2nd Ebbflow Archon and a Macciatus in play, and 16 gold.

Make a mirror (14)
Use Ebbflow to return Prynn to the hero zone.
The other ebbflow arrives, copy it with quince
Play two Insurance Agents, insuring the copy (12)
Play and re-max prynn (3)
Use the old Archon to bounce Macciatus, the mirror (killing it and giving you 16 more gold), and both Agents. (19)
Banish the mostly expended Archon with Prynn
Re-play Macciatus (17)
You are now back where you started, but with one extra gold.
Repeat this, maxinh at 20, and ending at 18, then make a second mirror.
Repeat twice more, use the 2 gold to make mirror a copy of Hyperion, and attack the Immortal to get it off the table.
REpeat as desired for unbounded Hyperion attacks.



Man, now I really want to play Anarchy + Present. Sanatorium out some guys, attack with them, and then Temporal Distortion them into real guys that you get to keep!


How are you playing Hyperions if you can’t play Tech 2 Present? Or am I misunderstanding the set-up?

You’re not playing them, you’re just attacking with them.

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Oh my god you’re telling me the Hyperion infinite is only possible IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE PLAYING THE HYPERIONS?! THAT. IS. AMAZING. :100: :fire: :100: :fire: :100: :fire:


Your are playing some arrangement of past/truth/law, and your opponent is playing Present/X/X


Or just Sanatorium into two Warp Gate Disciples for two real guys for 3 gold. It would potentially be a decrease in number of swings but in would be an increase in number of real bodies. Either way, it sounds like a fun thing to try.



What is the maximum amount of damage you can deal to an opponent’s base if you attack only with Hyperions? What’s the solution assuming “before your opponent takes a turn” to allow for Double Time shenanigans? What’s the solution for “in a single turn?”

Again, following all Codex rules, but assuming the most ideal legal set-up you can imagine. Also for this puzzle, assume that your opponent does not die when their base hits zero (i.e. you can overkill).

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: EricF provides a modified version of his earlier solution!

Oh, I was about to calculate how much you could heal their base to be able to attack more than 20 times.

The base solution is “infinite” by moving unlimited +1/+1 runes from a Drill Sergeant (accumulated over however long is needed) onto a Hyperion and attacking once.

Also, my previous solution still works


: just kill off your own mirror Hyperion with an Archon rune each time it attacks.

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Are we in a 1-v-1 or can the solution be based on a 5 player free-for-all?

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If only out of pure curiosity please tell me how the 5 player free-for-all solution differs! :smile:

Well, if you ban anything that goes “infinite” then the solution differs (because you can Assimilate a different number of cards from other players).

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SUPER SECRET DOUBLE BONUS ROUND: Same question as last time (i.e. most amount of damage using only Hyperions to attack) but your opponent is a CUNNING FOE who refuses to play Hyperions against you! In other words, what’s the best you can do when you are hampered by having to PROVIDE YOUR OWN HYPERIONS?


I would never ban anything that goes infinite. :wink:

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I might be misunderstanding, but are the mirrors attacking? If so, how? They don’t have haste, correct?