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I made a little speadsheet with all the cards. I printed them and use them as an helper for Reputable Newsman and just quickly check what opponent could have.

Here is the link:

Google Spreadsheet printing options are not the best, so to get good results, I sugest to select Legal paper (8.5x14), Fit-to-width and Lanscape options.

There are 2 sheets. The one named “Cards” are just all the cards. The one named “One Color Per Page” has extra blank rows to make each page only contain one color (if you use the printing options I suggested above).


Thanks. It’s nice to be able to peruse through all the cards without having to go back and forth between different pages.

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I’d suggest spreading out the starter decks to line up with the individual specs, spells in col B/C, and units from F-M.

I’m sure that would probably require quite a bit of work and what would you do with upgrades and/or buildings?

I thought about it, but like @Ridirick said, upgrade and building comes screwing this up a little bit, so I just went with the order they were on and also, most people are used of the order on that website, so it makes it more familiar.

I split out buildings/upgrades when I put together but it doesn’t make sense for a printed reference where the horizontal space is at a premium.

I’m just suggesting that since there’s dead space in the starter deck rows, that it might be more readable if the starter deck was empty in the Hero and Ultimate Magic columns, and that spells vertically group with spells (sometimes you want to cycle heroes around and play the magic game, and having spec spells on the left but starter spells on the right feels weird).

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