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Codex Deluxe Price

I was about to purchase the Codex deluxe set after thinking about it for a couple days, and I was surprised to see the price had increased to 225. I had assumed that the price would change after the pre order period ended.
Anyways, I wanted to make sure that this is as of today the price for the deluxe set, as I did some searching for a bit and I couldn’t find anyone mentioning this

I believe so, they stated they dropped the price down to 200 dollars due to the hype that Tom Vasel created for the game. Remember you do not pay for shipping which offsets the cost, as most Kickstarter backers payed roughly 29 dollars for shipping.

Looks like you are correct. I guess they recalculated the expenses. Price changes without notice are common for many places.

Guess they should have marked th $200 price as on sale.

Hi I live in Australia and kickstarted. I paid around $400 AUD for Codex deluxe.

Consider your $225 USD box a steal. Thanks.


It was marked as a sale price, I just had incorrectly assumed it was on sale because it was a pre-order.

To everyone, thank you for your replies

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Years ago when I played magic that was about the value of my manabase.


Last time I looked up tech prices in DollaryDoos I decided to never live in Australia


I’m not all too familiar with Sirlin’s products; do they tend to make it to retail? What about in Australia? ~430 DollaryDoos is a bit rich for me…

I realise the print-and-play is a reasonable alternative for those down-under, but I would love a physical version with all the binders and boards and everything. It looks like a great package.

Basically, the Deluxe version won’t be available at retail (it doesn’t even have a UPC barcode on the box), but the other versions will be, at least in theory.

Part of why it costs so much to ship overseas is that, apparently, the Deluxe set, with its 650+ cards, six binders, etc. weighs over 6.5 kg, which… yeah, that’s a lot of Codex. ^^;

where am I going to store this giant box

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I knew that the box would be big.
But when I saw the unboxing video by Leontes, ClanNatioy, and LK4O4 I was like :scream:
This box is HUGE.

Since I saw that video I’m asking myself

I have a question regarding “won’t be available at retail”.
Retail means anything other that Silrin’s store?
Or will it be removed even in Sirlin’s store after kickstarter excesses have been sold?

Just wondering how long I have to convince others to buy the deluxe set :wink:

Yeah, “retail” means, like, your local game store. Some place with a cash register and an “Open” sign. : )

Basically, when the rest of the Deluxe set sells out on, that’s it, quite possibly forever. On the upside, you’ll still at least be able to get the cards for the four colors that don’t come in the Core Set, but the binder are a one-off thing.

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The deluxe is 225 but if I buy all the core packs and the starter pack along with the roll up pad it comes to 185. Am I missing something here?

The Deluxe set comes with 2 playmats, map cards that change something about the game (like “workers cost an extra gold to hire”), and 4 extra binders for the blue, black, white, and purple factions.


And the box. Don’t forget the box.

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yes. The deluxe set is awesome, has exclusive super cool binders for each factions, the maps. 2 deluxe (mausepad quality) mats+ the 4/5 normal playmats.
And a beautiful box.
Am i missing something?

At one point, it was a way to get the four expansion colors months early, too


Codex Starter Set $25.00 + Codex Core Set
$49.99 + Codex playmats
$50.00 + Codex Expansion: Flagstone Dominion vs. Blackhand Scourge
$39.99 + Codex Expansion Set: Whitestar Order vs. Vortoss Conclave
$39.99 = 205

What you get:
3 red heroes
3 green heroes
3 blue heroes
3 black heroes
3 white heroes
3 purple heroes
66+ “token” unit cards
83 white faction cards
83 purple faction cards
83 blue faction cards
83 black faction cards
86 red faction cards
86 green faction cards
37 Bashing cards
40 Finesse cards
665 cards total
2 game boards
2 patrol zone boards
2 large game boards
2 Game playmats
2 Codex binders
2 Dial to track life totals
Chits to track other quantities
2 Rulebook

Codex Deluxe Set

Over 700 cards including six main factions + neutral
6 Codex binders
2 high quality playmats
3 extra player boards
Dial to track life totals
Chits to track other quantities
Huge, custom designed box to hold all components, even if you sleeve the cards

So, I there seems to be a 25 dollar difference where I guess you can add in the map cards, the box and the books. If you take away the play mats you could save 75$. It just seems to me that it’s a really big difference is all. The one thing about the deluxe box is that you can play more then two players right away.

Just want to make sure 225$ is worth it before I spend the money.

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The main extra expense in the Deluxe set is the four extra binders. You can get the map cards for $8 with the print and play, though honestly I’ve never used them and don’t really intend to. I also don’t use the life dial provided, I prefer tracking with dice.

I feel the deluxe playmats are worth it, they’re very high quality.

I really like the four extra binders because the first thing I did was set up all the mono color Codex, which is all I played for a long time. And for introducing new players, it’s nice to have those ready to go.

The binders are quite nice, and it’s nice to end up with 6 instead of 2. This lets you play a lot of matchups without changing out the contents of your binders. It also lets you play a binder that matches your color if you enjoy summoning armies of the undead, which I do.


Also, you’ll probably want to sleeve your cards. Quality sleeves are generally $10/100, so if you get the Deluxe + sleeves combo, you’ll save $20 on sleeves, which covers the gap.

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