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Codex Binders

Since the expansions coming out in November won’t include binders, will codex binders ever go up for sell? I would like to have them even if I don’t buy the deluxe edition


From the sounds of it, the plan is:

• Red and Green binders come with the Core Set

• The other four come with the Deluxe Set

• There will not be any other way to buy any of the binders

A good excuse to learn how to properly use an Xacto Knife!

Hint: Put in garbage cards or cardstock in the sleeves while you cut. Otherwise you cut right through the page.

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I trimmed down some card pages for use in Codex binders last week. Took me ruining one page before I realized the correct amount of force to apply to cut through just the pocket and not the actual page itself (hint: it’s surprisingly little, especially with a sharp blade)

I’m thinking about getting the Deluxe for the binders but I am trying out the BCW 18 pocket binders. The Codex binders seem really well built but I’m just concerned if something goes wrong down the road the BCW binder pages will be cheaper to replace. Maybe Sirlin may consider selling generic Codex binders down the road with the same art has the card back. I would definitely buy those.


i can guarantee the deluxe binders are as awesome as pictures make them. Maybe even better!


Yeah, I’m very jealous of them. :cry:



Did y’all see this!? Somehow (maybe because I always go straight to the forums and never hit the homepage) I missed it:

I have obtained my wife’s permission to spend $40 on fancy card holders. I’ll feel a little bad about it, because I could get a whole game with that money, or, like, an eighth of a Nintendo Switch. But I will be very happy when I get them and can sort away my expansions so I don’t need those boxes anymore. So pretty.


I’m very happy about this because I haven’t been able to find binders that work for this game otherwise. I really don’t want the thick, 3-ring style because they’re annoying to carry and store. Removable pages for combining specs would be nice but also prone to damage.

They’re a LITTLE pricey…but I’m likely to splurge. At this point I should have just bought the Deluxe set from the beginning. :confounded: