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[CAWS19] Round1 Bomber678 Mono Red vs charnel_mouse [Balance]/Blood/Strength

Oh, I’m being silly. I could have just done the following:

Midband Drakk, Crashbarrow, Shoddy Glider.
Glider kills Taxman, Cub kills Marauder, Crashbarrow kills Dog and hits base to 4.
Rook destroys the base, GG.

Mind if I edit?

Yeah that seems correct to me

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Thanks, I’ve edited to have lethal. GG! @FrozenStorm

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Yeah man, gg. Man I wish I could draw good cards

Yeah, you had some crappy luck on drawing your high-tier units. You had some surprises up your sleeve, though. I was annoyed at myself when you hit me with Sharks: I had Moment’s Peace in hand, and had teched it in with cards like Surprise Attack in mind. Not sure if that was better or worse than destroying your Tech II.