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Casual: Marto [Strength / Discipline] / Finesse vs Jasonwocky [Purple]


[details=Hand]Savior Monk, Two step, Entangling Vines, Sensei’s Advice
Tech nothing[/details]

No teching

Collect 10 gold (10)
Summon Grave (8)
Savior Monk (6)
Summon Rook (4)

discard 3, draw 2, rs, draw 3

Leader: Savior Monk 2/2+1
Scavenger: lvl 1 Rook 2/4
Technician: lvl 1 Grave 2/3
Lookout: Bird 1/1

Buildings: Tech I 5hp, Tech II Strength 5hp, Heroes’ Hall 4hp
Units/Heroes: Aged Sensei 1/1, Doubling Barbarian 3/5, Whitestar Grappler 3/5, Nimble Fencer 2/3
Base: 20

Workers: 10
Spare gold: 0
Hand: 5
Deck: 5
Discard: 0


Barbarian, Grappler, Vines, Two step, Sensei’s Advice

Doh; I forgot to update my deck/hand/discard sizes last turn. It’s up to date now.

Starting Hand and Thoughts

Sentry, Ready or Not, Ready or Not, Hyperion, Neo Plexus.


Neo Plexus




  • Forego teching
  • Prynn fade a rune (@ 3)
  • Rebuild T2
  • Collect 10g
  • Immortal kills Savior Monk, taking 2dmg
  • Geiger & Prynn kill Grave. Sparkshot kills Bird. Prynn to lvl 3 and 4 runes. You get 1 card.
  • Ready or Not readies Immortal, keeps Grappler, Sensei, Barbarian, Fencer pined down (6)
  • Immortal kills Rook, taking 2dmg; Prynn to lvl 5 and heal. You get 1g.
  • Ready or Not again on Immortal (2)
  • Immortal breaks Tech 2; base @ 18
  • Worker (1)
  • Discard 2, Draw 4
  • Float 1g


  • SQL:
  • ELITE:
  • SCAV:
  • TECHN:


  • Base: 14
  • Buildings: Tech 1 (5), Tech 2 Present (5), Heroes Hall (3)
  • Other: Battle Suits, L3 Geiger (3/2), L5 Prynn (2/4) @ 4 Runes, Immortal (5/1)
  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 4
  • Discard: 5
  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 11
Next Hand

Origin Story, Immortal, Argonaut, Fading Argonaut

actually I need to fix my turn; I maxbanded Geiger at the wrong time and I think it might matter. Plus I forgot to fade from Prynn.

ok fixed; sorry for that.

Hey @Marto, I figure you want to call this one? Makes sense to me; not sure it’s worth getting into a big slog for a casual game.

Assuming so, I was just curious about your thoughts on my Sentry? Was it at all awkward to play around? I wanted something to counter two-step birds, and figured Stewardess is good but awfullly dependent on timing. So I figured I’d try Sentry, but once it was out I wasn’t so sure anymore. Seemed like something I actually had to protect if I wanted to use it, which sounds all wrong!

great play, jason. I gave u for dead at least twice, but ur maybeready+highlander combo was incredible!

Yeah, it can be kind of a wrecking ball and does a good job of punishing all-ins I think.

Sadly I drew Entangling Vines too late, and misprotected my tech II on last turn + got punished by draw. I’m not sure the game is totally over, but as you said, this is supposed to be a casual game, not a mind-wrecking one, so… :slight_smile:

The Sentry didn’t change my plan very much - the Ready or Not part did everything. I especially hated when you got both Ready and Origin on turns 5 and 7, after I decided breaking your tech I instead of your Heroes’ Hall… :frowning:

Yeah, you prompted me into teching early Origin Story with your big investment in Rook. I figured you’d consider it risky to go for Earthquakes vs Prynn, but he’s still a monster at max even if you don’t quake with him. And I started teching the Ready or Nots early due to me fearing T3 Thunderclap of all things. I had an awful T4 draw, but other than that I largely had good cards fall to hand.

I didn’t even think about Entangling Vines; that’s a really great anti-Immortal card. It’s not even a channeling spell. Crazy!

I was so sure you perma-attacked with your Immortal just because you feared patrolling because of Entangling Vines :wink: As it is not a channeling spell, and isn’t affected by control change, Purple has no way to deal with it - that is, except not patroling. But would I have it in my T7 hand, the game would’ve changed completely ! I really should have teched it far earlier.

Purple can undo or max Geiger, but neither is cheap.