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Casual: jasonwocky ([Bal] / Bash / Fire) vs Drakona (Red)

Troq to level 7 why? Only if Zane died I expect, which it doesn’t look like he did.

Whoops! I gamed through a bazillion versions of the hero vs hero thing, and screwed that one up in the edit. You’re perfectly right. Zane’s alive . . . for the moment. I shall edit for clarity.

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[details=Thoughts]GAH, stupid, stupid stupid. It’s not the squirrel tree, it’s the T Rex. So now I’ve completely planned for the wrong attack. :slight_smile:

Oh this won’t even be hard for him. T Rex arrives, kills my tax men, Troq kills the Bombaster, Prospector gets Zane, anything else he has . . . at least has to decide between Jaina and my Tech 2. I hope.

Gah, my base is so low, I think you have this one in the bag. But let’s go out big!

Starting Hand and Thoughts

T-Rex, Iron Man, Ember Sparks, Mimic, Tiger Cub. Draw Ironbark Treant off of TECHN death. Nothing to think about, except never give Red an extra card once the race is on. Zane must live, unfortunately. If she’s got Ember Sparks or the like, I’m toast next round anyway. If not, I don’t want her to draw it.






  • Draw 1 card due to TECHN death
  • Forego teching
  • Collect 10g (10)
  • Tap Prospector (11)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (3), your two Taxmen are obliterated on arrival.
  • Max Troq (0)
  • Troq kills Bombaster, takes 2 dmg. You gain 1g. Your base takes 1 dmg. Troq stays ready to patrol.
  • Patrol as below
  • Discard 4, Draw 5
  • Float 0g


  • SQL: Lvl 8 Troq (4/3 + 1)
  • ELITE:
  • SCAV:
  • TECHN:
  • LOOKOUT: T-Rex (10/10+1, Resist 2+1)


  • Base: 5
  • Buildings: Tech 1 (5), Tech 2: Balance (5), Tech 3 (5), Tower (4)
  • Other: Merfolk Prospector (1/1)
  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 1
  • Discard: 5
  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 10
Next Hand

T-Rex, Rampant Growth, Mimic, Moment’s Peace, Flame Arrow

You’re right. If you’d gotten Jaina, I wouldn’t have won this turn – I don’t have the firepower to get through the T-Rex and Troq! I thought you might do it, thought you might have a mimic in there somewhere, and I foolishly left Zane lying around just to help you make that happen.

Smart not killing Zane with the Prospector in case I didn’t have the card I needed . . . didn’t see that coming. But I do already have it.

Starting Hand

Bloodrage Ogre, Crashbarrow, Shoddy Glider, Fire Dart, Ogre Recruiter

Not gonna do the whole song and dance, becuase the only important bit is this:

  • Jaina exhausts for 3
  • Jaina casts Fire Dart for the last 2.

GG! Stupendously well played (not that I know, but it seemed pretty reasonable to me?) . I love it!

This game is

Man . . . your prospector was good to you! Never made it up my list of priorities of things to kill. And the second Moment’s Peace kinda blindsided me! I thought I’d considered your options, but I overlooked how potent that one would be if you packed two. Very nice. I’ll probably tech a Flame Arrow next time I’m playing Balance just to be able to more easily drop Midori. :wink:

I’d offer you a rematch, but that tournament starts today and I’m going to be busy figuring out what all my opponent’s cards do. Maybe we’ll meet in it! This was super, super fun and I very much appreciate you tolerating me going slow and thinking things through. That is the perfect introduction, and I learned a lot! Thanks very much for the game!

My biggest critique of my own play is that I just do not have the timings of things in turns worked out. When I have to tech things in order to draw them (sooner than I did), how far out I have to prepare for surprises and strategies (should’ve waited later than I did). Learning!

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Good game; well played! I thought you switched to base race at exactly the right time. And destroying my HH to make room for a Tower feels like a mistake in retrospect. Never want to give up any unnecessary base HP to Red!

I like what you did with the Tech Lab. I think that if you have the gold and the add-on slot to spare, it’s a really good way to throw your opponent for a loop.

Yeah, the Prospector really ought to be a target, in general. It doesn’t seem like much, but his impact adds up.

Don’t worry at all about the pace of the game. I tend to play pretty slowly myself. And enjoy the tournament!

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