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Card Ratings: Tech I (discussion of sizing power)

Before I get into the individual card ratings, I want to get feedback from people’s actual experiences (not theory crafting) with the main Tech cost/sizes.

How do a 2/2 for 1, a 3/3 for 2, and a 3/4 for 3 compare in common board states?

What combination works best off a draw 5/8 on turn 2? What about drawing 4?
How much does valuation change going first vs going second?
Is one size better for getting to Tech 2, and a different size better if you’re planning on keeping the game at Tech 1?
How do the sizes compare on turn 3-4 vs re-drawing them on turn 6-7?

For purposes of this discussion, assume that they have no text box, but as an aside you could mention how certain types of abilities make things better in certain board states (eg a 2/2 for 1 isn’t very good for a deck that plans to stay at tech 1, because they dont do enough against a 3/3 for 2, or level 1 hero, but if it has Haste that mitigates the problem by letting you attack on your terms instead of having it die to an opponent’s attack)


This is pretty vague, but I’ve found that games go much better for me when I play 1 or 2 cost cards at T1 instead of the more expensive options. It feels like investing your gold in tech or heroes is a better investment than playing 3g for a 3/4 or any of the 4g options. Even for strategies that involve staying at T1 to beat my opponent down, I’ll usually try and leverage heroes or upgrades instead of paying for more expensive cards.

The other thing is that bone collector just feels really strong to me. I realize this is slightly outside the scope of what you’re asking, but I feel like BC has both a very high ceiling and a high floor. When looking at my turn 2 tech options, it seems to me that BC is #1, with bird nest, overeager cadet, and tiny basilisk falling a bit behind. Spectral hound, lobber, and stewardess are also really strong, though they have considerably lower floors than any of the other cards I’ve listed.

I don’t know how to give non theory crafted answers to “assume the units are blank” so I’ll just list some things that have gone well.

As player 1, it’s super fun to spam Knight of the conclave and Seer. In the case of Seer the 1 hp isn’t bad since you want the arrival ability. Dealing 3 damage (w/ battlesuits) on attack is good enough to take out most t0s in squad lead and several t1s in other slots. Patrolling elite the seer can even kill the various iron man clones. Each time seer cycles, the Knight gets closer and 4/4 for 0 is great in any board state.

If using a more expensive t1 option like Mistress or Argonaut, it’s usually because I want the text box. Readiness lets you swing and block which is helpful for stalling. Removal is great. Glaxx’s antiremoval is situational. Sentry is hard to keep alive at t1 but once t2 units are holding the line, sentry can shut down flying strategies. Usually, I play the costlier t1 units as p2 to take advantage of p2’s economy and maximize the chance that they will actually get to swing.

[quote=“lemaster, post:3, topic:724”]
Usually, I play the costlier t1 units as p2 to take advantage of p2’s economy and maximize the chance that they will actually get to swing.
[/quote]I think this is my rule of thumb as well.

I’m not as experienced as some on this forum, but I generally find 2g 3/3 to be the sweet spot. It’s a larger body than most of what starting decks threaten, but inexpensive enough to leave you with gold for heroes and workers.

I actually like to tech the more costly options as p1. As p2 you have the option of building tier II on turn 3, at the same time you get your tech’d cards. So you want to tech the cheap stuff so you can play something and build the building. As p1 you don’t have that option, so may as well play something big.

In my experience the 3g 3/4s are pretty great. The extra 1hp is very worth the extra gold, lots of things deal 3 damage. As p2 if you have a gold floating going into turn 3, you can worker, play the 3/4, and build tier II, which sets you up well for a tier II unit the next turn.


I’m pretty sure on the old forums there was a complete breakdown of Tech 1 units, with valuations. Where did that go?

I’m still thinking about how to re-post it. I haven’t decided on good baselines for a 2/2, 3/3, and 3/4 yet, though.

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Don’t know if this helps, but 3/3 for 2 and an ability is probably the baseline for tech 1.

Rating for anything else is hard since you are rating it out of context mostly.

Anything that can coin efficiently trade with a 3/3 for 2 is great, and anything that can survive an attack from a 3/3 is great.

Outside of that, they need to have abilities that you can’t otherwise get, or get easily, ie overpower/anti air/death touch/flying

Also 1 for a 2/2 with an ability.
See Sparring Partner as probably the strongest example of this.

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Yeah, if it is not a 3/3 for 2, it has to be a good ability for it to reach the Baseline.