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CAPS 2017: Shadow-Night-Black ([Balance]/Growth/Finesse) vs. Kaelii ([Finesse]/Discipline/Ninjitsu)

I realize this is pretty late, but I forgot that Grave has readiness so I should have patrolled him.
Would you be willing to roll back to that?
If not I can just roll with what I have currently anyway.

usually during tourneys u cannot take back misplays. One thing is rule violation (forced set back).
An honest misplay stays as it is, imho.

Unfortunately I’m going to agree with Legion here, as knowing my hand can change patrols to be far more effective, then they might have been not knowing my hand. Personally I thought you where playing around flying mimics with overpower, preventing me from destroying several things with one attack (or just really want grave to live for a reason I don’t know/baiting me to think that and kill grave rather than Setsuki/Tech 2). I’m happy to spawn a game from that board state after this to see what difference that makes, but for the tournament I think it opens it up for far too much to abuse (not that there isn’t anyway from PbF)

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That is correct. Posts stay as made unless corrected immidiately. This is to be fair to opponents who might read the post immidiately, but not respond until later.


Yeah I figured that was the issue and a perfectly reasonable response from everyone.

I doubt it would’ve made much of a difference at this point anyway.

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Rough turn is I think this:
River (2)
Flying Fox (2)
Sparring Partner (1)
Two-step Sparring and Glorious. (2)
Fox squad leader, Glorious in elite.
Grave kills wisp.
Debate a bit.

Your turn: Midori maxbands, kills Fox.
Dragon kills glorious
NF+PP bop grave +2 to river
Maxband river, break tech 2?
Two step optionally in there somewhere.

Possible blowout with Trex popping both glorious AND my fox – Break both techs, optionally slam my base for a bit more.

I concede.

Fair enough, I’m not lucky enough to draw either of my TRex, but double wandering mimic was going to hit hard with flying haste.