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CAPS 2017: payprplayn ([Necro]/Blood/Law) vs. FrozenStorm ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse)

Yea the Wight was gonna die anyway.

The worst thing for me would have been you Nether Draining Garth (thus not allowing River to heal here), so I’ll go ahead and assume you did that (even though I think it’s decently likely you would have chosen River, and she would be healthy here. If you think that’s what you’d have done just lmk and I’ll heal her!)

Either way though, I think the game is winding down to where I’ll be wrapping things up next turn or the turn after

Player 2, Turn 7

P1 [Necro]/Blood/Law vs P2 [Demon]/Necro/Finesse

[details=Starting Hand]
Dark Pact
Sacrifice the Weak

##Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (10)
  • Elect to tech 1 card in b/c Garth asked nicely

[details=All Teched Cards]
Grounded Guide
Blademaster, Death Rites
Metamorphosis, Grounded Guide
Leaping Lizard x2
Nimble Fencer, Soul Stone
Dark Pact, Nimble Fencer


  • Severely Damaged Lizard trades with Skeleton to slap him down
  • River and Imp kill your Garth, you get 1g, Imp dies and River takes 3, my Garth to lvl 3
  • Level Garth to 5 (8)
  • Garth and Jav kill Lord, you get a card, jav dies and Garth takes 3
  • Maxband Garth, he heals, fetch the Grounded Guide I just teched (6)
  • Healthy Lizard (now at 4 attack) kills Drakk, my base to 14, Lizard takes 3, levels fizzle
  • Make a skeleton (5)
  • Tech 3 (0)

Graveyard, Jandra, the Negator, Poisonblade Rogue, Summon Skeletons, Skeletal Archery

  • :pspurpleshield: Patrol as below
  • Discard 2 Draw 4
  • Probably done teching now

###Board Info:

  • :heart: Base HP: 14
  • Tech 1 HP: 5
  • Tech 2 HP: 5 SPEC FINESSE
  • Tech 3 HP: 5
  • Hero’s Hall HP: 4

####In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader:
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :pspig: Scavenger: Skeleton (2/1)
  • :exhaust: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout: Grounded Guide (4/4)

####In Play:

  • Leaping Lizard (4/2 from 3 damage and guide buff)
  • Garth (3/4 lvl 7)
  • River (3/1 from 3 damage lvl 5)

###Economy Info:


  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 4
  • Disc: 6


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 10

[details=End of Turn Hand]
Nimble Fencer
Soul Stone

[details=End of Turn Discard]
Nimble Fencer
Leaping Lizard
Thieving Imp
Skeleton Javelineer
Sacrifice the Weak
Dark Pact

[details=My Thoughts][spoiler]
It’s basically some kind of nasty Jurisdiction for Bloodlust / Kidnapping / Lich’s Bargain play or he just loses at this point, as far as I can see. Nice play to kill Vandy, glad I grabbed the Tech 3 win condition. Double Death Rites might have been enough as well, or Appel Stomp maybe, but Blademaster’s the scariest and how often do I get to play him? :slight_smile:

Oh and glorious draw for me, Fencer and Blademaster together. They’ll make for a cute team XD

Alright, GG.

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GG WP! You sniped Vandy at very opportune moments (that turn 4 technician draw for bloodlust, ouch!), made it very difficult to close the door, but eventually the econ of those trades worked out for me to pull ahead.

Looking back on your techs, War Drums was definitely risky and ill-advised, seeing as Drakk was reasonably vulnerable in that moment. Had that been another Bloodlust, kidnapping, or perhaps even another Nether Drain, you might have held me off.

Same goes for the Blood lab skip, it may have broken enough of my board tempo to fetch a barrow there over a wight. I don’t think it would have made a massive difference though.

Not gonna lie, I drew Blademaster and Fencer and I’m kinda sad I didn’t get to play them :slight_smile:

@EricF it was a close and a fun one, gl in your next match @payprplayn!

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