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CAPS 2017: NikoBolas (Mono White) vs. cstick ([Feral]/Necro/Anarchy)

Yeah, my biggest mistake was not teching in response to double Death’s Bargain. I could have brought in Thunderclap and Shuriken Hail. Reversal never came around at the right time to hit a deathtouch horror. I also considered a Versatile Style to stop Rich Earth, but didn’t think it would be good in my deck or really hurt you that much. Hidden Ninja at the end to win was a hail-mary, but at that point you had caught up on Tech and wiped my board.

Aggro beaten by more aggro haha :wink:

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aren’t you required to tech two cards until 10 workers? In reference to turn 5

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Yes, I was tired last night and misplayed. It was my error and honestly even if I had tech’d very intelligently I doubt it would have changed the outcome.

Just making sure I understand the rules, god knows there’s plenty I’m messing up every day.


I also would have considered Strength over Discipline for DeGrey vs. Garth.


I’d say it takes about 10 forum games before you start consistently only making 1 illegal play per game (instead of 2 to 5). At least, that’s how it was for me.


To be a bit more encouraging, I usually don’t make rules mistakes anymore unless dealing with cards I don’t see very often. Not sure how many games I’ve played, but my only problem now is remembering to add my tech buildings when I build them.


A million facepalms would not be enough for me :degrey: