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CAPS 2017: Hobusu ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth) vs. Jadiel ([Feral]/Future/Truth)

Well, it looks like that’s the game. @EricF


GG! That one felt very close! I don’t know if I would have survived another turn if I hadn’t finished you off that turn. Although maybe I would have dropped the hammer that turn anyway in the hope that I could finish it before you dealt with 4 9/7s

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That omegacron quince synergy is pretty nasty!


That was close, since I had a Gunship in hand. Good game!

My biggest mistake was probably going a bit too aggressive on turn 4. It made my cycling slow for the rest of the game, and thanks to a play I hadn’t foreseen, it didn’t even give me that much benefit (since you killed Panda Vystari before she could heal and get me more gold). Last turn I also should have patrolled Arg along with the others. The rest came down to getting my Tech II units too late, but that’s just a consequence of the first mistake.

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I think my opening was weak. I keep trying to make Rich Earth work, and it keeps being bad for this particular deck. I think I’ll just worker it from now on.

I think my turn 5 was also a mistake. I could have done lots of other things to stop you destroying Tech II, I was really lucky that my draw fell in such a way that not having Tech II up on turn 6 didn’t actually matter.

I think my tech decisions were also not great. I was pretty sure you were going for Growth spells, and I should have teched Free Speech earlier to counter that. I was pleased with how the Centaurs worked though, not sure the Huntress was a great idea. I also should have teched double Mind Control at the end I think.

If you’d patrolled Arg I think I probably had to go down the same line, I would have just killed Tech II and III instead, and hoped you couldn’t drop more than 1 2+hp patrollers. Given your hand, I think I probably had the game the next turn anyway…


Yeah, I almost never even consider playing Rich Earth anymore, except maybe against fairly new players (lots of beginners, even ones experienced in Magic, I could probably beat with extremely inefficient play). That said, once I realized you were going for Omegacron, it didn’t seem as bad as it normally is. Not only did it make all the workers that you were going to sacrifice free, but it could even take the place of one of them. Not bad at all, as long as you get a chance to play an Omegacron…

In hindsight, you’re probably right about Free Speech. Wow, you have Assimilate to stop MoLaC shenanigans, Free Speech to slow down/stop Dinosized Barbarbarians… What is [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth to do against you if you do tech well?


That Feral/Truth/Future spec is strong. If you totally suck he can just shit on you with a carrier and a void ray with Feral Strike… no reason why I know that’s something he can do or anything :smiley: