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[CAMS21] Round4: P1 dwarddd MonoPurple vs P2 Dreamfire [Discipline/Strength]/Finesse


StartingHand Workers

Sentry(3/2a) anti-air, force field
Void Star
Hive(0/6) r1+1

Time Spiral
Hardened Mox
Forgotten Fighter
Neo Plexus


Temporal Research
Fading Argonaut(3/3a) fading 3
Ready or Not
Temporal Distortion


Sentry(3/2a) anti-air, force field
Void Star
Hive(0/6) r1+1

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid + float (11) , tech draw, pay 6 for Hive - ($5)
Two stingers trade with big bird
Max - ($3)
Two stingers kill Grave, Max midbands
Nullcraft hits Rook for 1
Immortal trades with Rook, neither die
Pay hive for 3 more stingers - ($0)
Banish 5 Stingers to take 5 runes off Omegacron, it arrives
Omegacron kills Rook properly, Max maxbands and flickers Hive
Argonaut destroys your tech lab
Stewardess finishes your tech 2 off, base to 14

Float ($0)
Discard 3, draw 5

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Argonaut(4/4a)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger: L5 Max(3/4)
  • :pschip: Technician: Stinger(1/1)
  • :target: Lookout: Hive(0/6) r1+1

In Play:

  • Stewardess of the Undone(3/2)
  • Immortal(5/5) indestructible
  • Omegacron(9/2) forcast 6, haste, untargetable
  • Stinger(1/1) * 4
  • Battle Suits
  • Nullcraft(1/1)


  • :heart: Base HP: 16
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Future)

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 2
  • Disc: 3


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 10

almost forgot i could pay for more stingers - initially was planning to delete battlesuits, nullcraft and a worker before i remembered lol. i reckon i can take on a hero’s monument so spec lab is a fine target since argo cant do tech 3 by themselves

@Dreamfire’s turn!

I thought you might go for MPM rather than tech lab. As it is, I got nothing, GG WP! @FrozenStorm

I thought I was being clever leaving your Hive alive on my T6, but that straight up lost me the game! Oh well, live and learn :man_shrugging:


To be fair, you had an 8/11 chance it was fine to leave it one turn and kill it the next. Unfortunately for you i got the temporal distortion (was heavily considering conceding as I had forgotten Id teched it but thought “wait, get all ur info first -doing the tech draw doesnt take u long”).

GG and WP, what an exciting match and sorry to steal it from you, the discord against my hive was perfectly timed!