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[CAMS18] Zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance


Seems that the whiff on turn 3 really hurt you, and from then on you were somewhat short on gold. I am glad I caught you a little bit off-guard with the Basilisk, and that the threat of Mimics was real enough to force you into suboptimal trades.

And of course, in the late-game, being able to threaten a 3-hero Meta with only a single turn’s notice is just crazy.


great play, dreamfire!

Looks like we are the last 2 standing, and chances are good you will smash me for the win, considering past performance.

I would suggest we simply play out in this thread for the last 1 or 2 matches.

You will get player 1 this time.

I’d recommend sticking to one game per thread. Much easier spectator experience, and HYPE it as FINALS in the title!


Sounds good Dreamfire, start a new thread :slight_smile:

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