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CAFS 2016: zhavier (Mono Green) vs. CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Red)

gg! My only regret is not drawing into my Cinderblast Dragon. (Which…that is NASTY if you can combo it with Drakk’s maxband, I just realized.)

I was actually surprised by how well Bloodburn paid out in the end, as well as how long I spent getting beat up on. I think the turn I started gaining momentum was back on T3. Things could’ve wound up very differently had you attacked with Ironbark Treant after playing Ferocity!

Things definitely got scary when you busted out Circle of Life and pulled Wandering Mimic…I need to keep that card in mind vs. Green, when I’ve got Zane on the board!

Yea balance is good against red, but i should have played around charging vystari better on that turn. I certainly learned something.

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I was definitely a bit proud of that play; it made your Treant a lot easier to deal with!