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CAFS 2016: jasonwocky (Mono Purple) vs. Castanietzsche (Mono Blue)

i believe u should specify if u injuctioned tech I or II

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Tech II sry !

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Yeah, saw that Injunction coming. Desperation time. You still have a Hound in play, correct? Wasn’t listed in your summary.

[details=Starting Hand and Thoughts]Plasmodium, Stewardess, Assimilate. Draw Fading Argonaut off of TECHN death. Maximum ugh.

Injunction hit at just the worst time, as I guess was expected. This build played well enough around Community Service but not Injunction.

He’s stashed a card; I assume it was his Tech 3?

My hand is so bad that I need to play Vir to see if I can’t improve it. I also need to see about teching game changing cards…given that I’m on a shoestring budget and stuck with Tech 1 stuff, that Now! and Promise of Payment.

Bigtime stroke of luck as RnD hits. Figured I’d have to see about coming back next turn, but maybe I can cobble something together here.

Unfortunately I’m 1dmg short of clearing out my threats :frowning: So I’m stuck with the choice between Bigby and Tech 3. If he hadn’t stashed this turn, I’d feel pretty good about leaving the Tech 3 up.




Now!, Promise of Payment


  • Tech 2 cards
  • Collect 9g + float (10)
  • Vir (8)
  • Peek at top card

Research & Development

  • Vir exchange top card of deck with card in hand (7)

Research & Development for Plasmodium

  • Research & Development (5); I draw 5 cards (one left in deck).

Time Spiral, Omegacron, Tinkerer, Seer, Research & Development

  • Research and Development (3); I draw 1, reshuffle, draw 4, THEN put Research and Development into my discard pile

Plasmodium, Now! Promise of Payment, Seer, Research and Development

  • Promise of Payment (3)
  • Plasmodium (3)
  • Seer (2), Plasmodium @ 2
  • Seer (1), Plasmodium @ 1
  • Time Spiral (0), Plasmodium arrives
  • Plasmodium kills Bigby; Vir to L3
  • Geiger & Nullcraft do 4dmg to your Tech 3.
  • Patrol as below
  • Discard 7, RS, Draw 5
  • Float -2g


  • SQL: Seer (2 / 1 + 1)
  • ELITE:
  • SCAV: Seer (2/1)
  • TECHN: L3 Vir (2/3)


  • Base: 20
  • Buildings: Tech 1 (5), Tech 2 Future (5)
  • Other: Nullcraft (1/1), L5 Geiger (3/4), Reaver (0/4), Plasmodium (4/2)
  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 5
  • Discard: 0
  • Gold: -2
  • Workers: 9
Next Hand

Time Spiral, Now! Omegacron, RnD, RnD

EDIT: just some cosmetic stuff


[details=Secrets (no tech)]

Discard : 9
Hand : Macciatus the Whisperer, Overeager Cadet, Reteller of Truths, Reputable Newsman

Thoughts : [spoiler]I was really lucky to draw Liberty Gryphon, let’s take advantage of it ![/details]

Draw 1 card from Surplus (wow what a card !)
Get 10 Gold (11)
Reteller of Truths (9)
Spectral Hound (sorry I forgot it last turn, thought it died because I didn’t notice he had armor as squad leader) attacks and dies on your SQL Seer. Comes back in hand with Reteller of Truths
Spectral Hound (8)
Liberty Gryphon (!) (5)
Macciatus the Whisperer (2)
Liberty Gryphon attacks the Reaver
Reputable Newsman, shouting “TWO !” (0)
Overeager Cadet (0)
Discard 0, Draw 2


Workers : 5 + Lawful Search + Bluecoat Musketeer + Porkhand Magistrate + Jail + Building Inspector

New Hand : Injuction, Manufactured Truth, Arrest[/details]



  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Spectral Hound Alpha (4/4+1)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger: Overeager Cadet (2/2)
  • :exhaust: Technician: Reteller of Truths (4/4)
  • :target: Lookout:
    Board : Macciatus the Whisperer (3/3), Liberty Gryphon (6/6), Reputable Newsman (0/3, saying “two”)

Base : 20
Tech I : 5
Tech II Truth : 5
Tech III : 1
Surplus : 4

  • Discard : 0 + Tech
  • Deck : 4
  • Workers : 10

Not looking good at all…I think you’ve probably got me next turn, but I’ll swing as hard as I can now anyway.

[details=Starting Hand and Thoughts]Time Spiral, Now! Omegacron, RnD, RnD. Vir peeks and sees a Fading Argonaut, not a Stewardess of the Undone :frowning:




Now!, Omegacron


  • Tech 2 cards
  • Collect 9g - float (7)
  • Peek at top card and puke

Fading Argonaut. Blech.

  • Omegacron (5)
  • Time Spiral Omegacron, @ 5 (4)
  • Plasmodium sacrifices on Hound
  • Nullcraft kills Hound, Hound to your hand
  • Geiger kills OEC; sparkshot onto Reteller
  • Vir to L5 (2)
  • Vir trades with Reteller; Reteller returns to your hand and I believe you get a draw on top of that.
  • Seer breaks your Tech 3; your base @ 18
  • Sacrifice Seer to Omegacron, @ 4
  • Sacrifice Nullcraft to Omegacron, @ 3
  • Sacrifice 3 workers to Omegacron, Omegacron arrives
  • Omegacron does 9 to your base, @ 9
  • Worker (1)
  • Patrol as below
  • Discard 2, Draw 4
  • Float 1g


  • SQL:
  • ELITE:
  • SCAV:
  • TECHN:


  • Base: 20
  • Buildings: Tech 1 (5), Tech 2 Future (5)
  • Other: Omegacron (9/7), L5 Geiger (3/2)
  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 1
  • Discard: 9
  • Gold: 1
  • Workers: 7
Next Hand

Fading Argonaut, Assimilate, Stewardess, Tinkerer

This is correct, reteller does not replace the dies effect with the word “instead” but rather adds this action to the end fo the “dies” sequence of events. Basically Reteller digs illusions out of the discard and puts it in hand.

Yes Reteller of Truth’s effect let dying abilities (drawing from Technician, etc.) trigger. It’s kinda OP for sure ^^’

[details=Secrets (no tech)]

Discard : 1
Hand : Injuction, Manufactured Truth, Arrest

Thoughts : [spoiler]I’d have lost the game if I woulnd’t have drawn Liberty Gryphon last turn ! Let’s clear the board and use Injunction. Erf my opponent played better than me this game, but I got very lucky on this point[/details]

Draw 1 card from Surplus and Technician
Get 10 Gold (10)
Reteller of Truths (8)
Spectral Hound A (7)
Spectral Hound B (6)
Bigby (4)
Injunction (1)
Rebuild Tech III
Liberty Gryphon attacks your base for 6, @14
Macciatus attacks your base for 3, @ 11
Discard 3 Draw 2, RS, Draw 3


Workers : 5 + Lawful Search + Bluecoat Musketeer + Porkhand Magistrate + Jail + Building Inspector

New Hand : Injunction, Arrest, Overeager Cadet, Liberty Gryphon, Spectral Aven[/details]



  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Reteller of Truths (4/4+1)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger: Spectral Hound A (4/4)
  • :exhaust: Technician: Spectral Hound B (4/4)
  • :target: Lookout:
    Board : Macciatus the Whisperer (3/3), Liberty Gryphon (6/6), Reputable Newsman (0/3, saying “two”), lvl 1 Bigby (2/3)

Base : 9
Tech I : 5
Tech II Truth : 5
Tech III : 5
Surplus : 4

  • Discard : 0 + Tech
  • Deck : 2
  • Workers : 10

Targeting Tech II again?

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Oops Tech II Sorry :x
I’m so stupid lol ^^’

I’ll concede here, as I don’t see how my hand possibly helps me, and Geiger has no chance of drawing anything useful this turn. Very gg! Injunctions tagged me at just the right time!


GG, thanks for the match ^^
You played better than me, I was very lucky in drawing injunction / liberty gryphon at the exact turn I needed them ^

Plasmodium is very dangerous to play against Blue Starter because of Manufactured Truth, but you did well as keeping a lot of forecast guys has a good synergy with Future spec, and Truth has problems to deal with flying things : )

Yeah, I figured I was struggling with gold as Purple P1, and got tagged with an early building inspector, plus I’m leery of big units with Community Service in play so I decided to try out a cheap Future rune-manipulation line. I hadn’t done that before, and I figured that since Blue usually starts pretty slow I’d have a chance to develop it, but I still think I got the engine going one turn too late. But you’re totally right…Plasmodium was a really bad play against Blue starter and I won’t make that particular mistake again :slight_smile:

Forecast units are pretty much immune to Community Service. The bigger concern with forecast units is mirror copies. It is possible for a mirror to copy an Omegacron. Quince’s midband doesn’t use the target symbol, so untargetable doesn’t block it. Omegacron is a fantastic targets for mirrors. Hive on the other hand is a terrible mirror copy because even if you did create 5 stingers, the mirror dies at end of turn and takes the stingers with it. Hive is however a great community service target, so tradeoffs.

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Ah yeah, good point. Really anything hasty is threatened by Quince’s mirrors.

Surprise Quince Mirrors won me a game against invisible glorious ninjas once.