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Best p2 starter/hero?

Considering how soul crushing and match defining p1 can be with the right hero (vandy, grave, rook, cala all come to mind) what do you guys consider the best p2 starters and heroes?

To start the discussion:

Rook - obviously the white starter prefers to be on offense, but it’s hard to argue with how much of a wall rook can become even at level 1.

Purple starter - with no 1 drop minion, sometimes it’s nice to be p2 to have a bit more gold to play with to get your expensive, but potentially high value minions like mox and nullcraft rolling.

Garth - being able to make a chump skele every turn can slow down p1’s without sparkshot or evasion

Arg/green - both arg and green starter have a number of good defensive and chump blocking options with wisps, ironbark and args easy to reach maxband elemental.


Yeah, I like Rook + Purple in particular.

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Starters: Purple , Black , Green , Blue

The first three are already known good for P2. Blue starter has Building Inspector / Newsman, both of which continue to be of use after T1. Manufactured Truth also lets you turn any of their earlier tech I units against them.

Heroes: Rook , Garth , Arg , Orpal , Zane

Orpal in elite is two -1/-1 runes on anything that runs into him, meaning small units die, and even if you give up two levels on his death, -1/-1 runes don’t go away on level up, so heroes stay weak.

Zane has haste, so he can come out at anytime and be useful. If you have the gold, maxband can be a double kill, and add Sharks!! for even more of an equalizer.