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[Balance Changes] Red v Black (FrozenStorm & dwardd)

I’ll pack it in here lol, this is a total disaster. I think we killed Black Starter and Vandy pretty well with these nerfs XD

I think you may be right; on their own they are damaging - I think the unchanged blue would be the only original starter which didn’t have an advantage against this Black. Combined with the buffs to many (overall, all?) of the other starters, the changes are crippling.

Ah well, they’ll definitely make a new meta for this tournament, don’t pick black starter!

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I wanted to see if I should enter Necro/Blood/Fire or Nightmare as a sort of “control group” deck, to test the changes against past tourney results, but I think that’s not really necessary after this test. The Imp nerf I think was the step over the top. Deteriorate, Haunt, and DP going to 1 gold I think are sufficient to knock Vandy in line. DP also hurting her was reasonable though definitely a bigger hit. Garth I almost think we didn’t hit hard enough, though the LB nerf was warranted 100%. BC maybe actually was fine? Maybe he could have just done Tap to get a skeleton rather than attacks?

I’m really afraid of Fire just completely dominating this upcoming tourney, the Archer buff might have been a step too far.

Yeah I was considering going for Nightmare for that reason but decided that I don’t know it well enough anyway. That’s part of the reason I chose Purple, because I felt I’d be able to feel the effects of the changes well; also I think overall it’s been buffed quite nicely so win-win for me.

Given how sparse tech 2 changes were I’m surprised the Archer warranted a buff. Ironically, of the 4 decks I can see entered, none of them include Fire, but there is still 5 that I won’t find out till the tourney starts…

Also, this matchup is particularly harsh on Black as LB and DP’s base dmg becomes quite important when Jaina can start raining fire on you any time…

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