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Approximate shipping time from the shop?

Not Kickstarter related: anyone bought anything recently from the Shop that needed shipping and can report how long it took to get to them? Obviously where you are matters and such; just wondering if it’s more of like a <1 week thing or longer. I ask because as far as I can tell there isn’t available tracking information that got sent to me after I made a purchase (would this doesn’t mean it hasn’t shipped yet?)


Ship Naked handles all shipping from the store and you contact them at if you need help with shipping.

Orders usually ship within 1 business day, sometimes 2. Orders that contain Codex are a special case right now because of the backlog of shipping the large quantity of Kickstarter orders. After all those are shipped, then all Codex pre-orders will ship, then any new orders that contain Codex.


My anecdotal experience with two orders from March: I received email confirmations the orders were placed (more or less immediately), and additional emails the orders had shipped on the next business day. Tracking numbers were included on the shipping notifications.

Note this was a U.S. destination.