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Any players in Tacoma, WA?

I just got my deluxe set and I’m really excited to play. Are there perhaps any players (or soon to be) in Tacoma?

There is a Facebook page for the pacific northwest here as well:

I live in Woodinville, so that’s kind of close(ish…?). I sent a request to the group. Maybe we can find a day to meet up!

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I’m in North Seattle, but don’t mind driving.

I’m playing Codex for the first time with a friend this Sunday 9/25, and I’m also booked for Sunday 10/2 and Sunday 10/23. Other than those three dates, I can probably be available all day most Sundays. Saturdays are not open during College Football season, and weeknights would be tough if I’m going to drive all the way to Tacoma.

Just let me know when you’d be willing to come down and I’ll clear my schedule. The game store near me is open 12:00 - 7:00 on Sundays (Terracrux).

Met with Adam to play at Tacoma Games today. It was awesome. If anyone else wants to meet and play, let me know!

I joined the FB group. Not sure if/when I’ll actually try to meet for a game, but I’m there just in case.