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Ahoy, Codexless Codex players

If you’re like me and play Codex with out a Codex I think you should check out these Deck boxes by Ultra Pro:

(the satin tower ones)

The deck box portion of the box will fit 99% of decks comfortably. Even [Feral]/Necromancy/Ninjutsu fits well, although it can be a little snug to fit it in. The starter deck and worker card also fit in the deck box.

The storage space on the bottom of the box is also quite spacious and allows room for a ton of dice and/or tokens.

here are some pictures. The deck currently in the box has the card count of [Feral]/Necromancy/Ninjutsu but with only one Wisp token.




Edit: forgot about the small cards. But they can fit in the bottom container with the dice/tokens


imo this:
is a good codex too :3

I prefer by a large margin the Ultimate Guard boxes. I am using this to carry 2 decks and my dice/tokens:

I can’t wait for the Arkhive and the Boulders to arrive in Canada.

hmmm, I wish I had known there were so many options for fancy deck boxes with a storage component. The only one I was aware prior to finding the Satin Towers was the FFG deck box. That box was utter garbage though. This led to a lot of disappointment about not being able to easily transport my Codex deck of choice around. Which then led to being completed ecstatic about stumbling upon the Satin Tower. Which then led to me posting about it immediately, lol.

Still super happy with the Satin Tower and may in the future by a color specific one for my favorite mono if I can ever decided between Green or Black.