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2v2 - Tag / Assist Confusion

Hi all,

I’m about to host my first 2v2 game of Yomi this weekend using the official variant.

I’ve read the rules and understand everything except how tagging (dodge, combo, super, power up, hard) interacts with the assist option.

To give you an example of my confusion:
a.) I know that a dodge tag results in the bench player tagging in and hitting back with a full combo.
b.) I know that if a team assists, doesn’t swap, and wins with a dodge, the assist card hits back as the single follow-up hit.
c.) Individually, both of those make sense, but are they capable of mixing in any way? Are both players allowed to discard a card and dodge tag during option b? Can the tagging in player hit back with a full combo, or is he limited to a single hit because they assisted? Are the players allowed to power up tag or hard tag during the power up phase?

The interaction of tagging and assisting is fuzzy as best I can tell. The simplest explanation, and the one I will probably go with if I don’t get a response, is that tagging and assisting are mutually exclusive and you’re not allowed to perform both in any single round of combat.

Any and all assistance would be appreciated.



I suspect not, and this makes sense if you envision it like a video game fighter. When your assist character is out assisting, you cannot switch into them. There is a consistency between the aesthetics and the mechanics that seems intuitive if you’re familiar with tag-team fighting games.

I’m not familiar with tag-team fighting games at all, but I agree (at least for simplicity’s sake) a team shouldn’t be allowed to tag on the same turn they assist.

I’ll go with that unless anyone else has a better, differing opinion.

Thanks SPH