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2 hero vs 2 hero balance?

In a 1 hero vs 1 hero game, Bashing has one big advantage: they have units to counter any other spec. From what I understand, every other spec has blind spots where they cannot answer something from some other spec.

But this comes at the cost of being more expensive than the colored answers.

In a 3v3 game, that extra expense makes Bashing not worth using – you are almost always better off with another spec of your starter deck.

What about the 2vs2 game? How well can Bashing complement another hero as “backup if this hero’s units cannot handle those hero’s units”?

That’s an interesting question partially because I don’t think anyone plays 2v2 heroes! It’s not really designed to be balanced overall without three heroes on each side, but hey, new variants can be cool and fun!

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I’m pretty sure that Sirlin has said that 1 vs 1 is a perfectly fine and playable game, not just for training/learning.

The issue with 1 on 1 is that some specs will have something that you have no answer to. While the specs might overall have a near 50/50 win, individual matchups might be 70/30’s. You can’t do single-elimination in a tourney like that, you see how well someone does overall; who can manage only 1 loss.

3 vs 3 – at least for whole colors – does not have that; each color has a way to answer all other colors.

2 vs 2 is in the middle. You’re likely, but not guaranteed, to be able to answer anyone.

This is where, in theory, Bashing should shine as a secondary spec. It can answer everything, but at a higher cost.

Bashing can’t answer anything. Troq is bad, his spells too, his units too.
What can answer Troq River can’t ?

Both have no answer to handsize denial, to faster unit-based strategies than theirs, to hero-based strategies, to big upgrades such as MoLaC, to base rush, to invincible units, to Tech II big guys…
All they have is an ok starter, good answers to air units and River has answers to small units swarm and illusions with her spells + a good support with Two Steps and an offensive to tech rush strategies with her virtuoso gameplan.

Troq is an overall bad character choice. You definitely don’t want an hero which is so expensive to level up, bad even maxbanded and with the worst spell set in the game.
With EricF we gave him a chance (him in Metamirphosis strategy and me as an access to neutral starter for Midori) but we all had better results with other characters.

Hey if you like Troq play Yomi or Puzzle Strike :slight_smile:

Where, please tell me where :grin:. I can’t find something like that. It is so much fun to play 1vs1 hero, so fast and so easy. It may lack tournament niveau balance, but soooo muuuuuch fast fuuuun.

It’s good to draw new people to Codex, who are not heavy into card games, it should be a more present format!

The greater balance of 3-hero-mode aside, does someone have experience on 1-hero-mode matchups, so I could recommend (not recommend resp.) picks for a casual setting with a friend or family member (1 vs 1 duels)?

Like “Blood vs Feral is interesting and quite balanced” or “Law is quite hard, but winnable vs all blacks, which is good for a handicapped match (first play vs teacher)”, I hope you get the gist.

Would appreciate some more experienced suggestions than I could manage.

I don’t have experience with this, but I would be willing to try out some matchups in a play by forum setting.

Haven’t done one yet, just read through 1 or 2. Looks complicated that way :smirk:?! Is it? Do I need to setup both sides?

Play by forum is not for everyone. There is a google spreadsheet that makes things a little easier. I can help you if you want to give it a go.

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Thanks for the friendly invite, great community as far as I can tell!