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1v1 matches

Aside from Bashing v Finesse, what other reasonably balanced 1v1 matchups are there? This could be useful for general 1v1 matches later on, but my personal reason for asking is that I am introducing Codex to a friend who plays Magic, and I believe that while starting with 3v3 might be too complicated for a first game, BvF might not be diverse and interesting enough to keep him hooked. Preferably it is a Red spec vs a Green spec, but anything goes.


I cannot speak from experience, but I’ve been told that alle green vs red matchups should be fine.

My experience has shown me that people with magic experience pick up 3v3 right away. Is your friend new to magic or is he packing modern/legacy/commander decks?

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Bashing vs Finesse won’t be too simple, and you won’t run into fuzzy rules issues or tricky interactions.


I suspect that the other specs might all have some aspect that will be difficult for other specs to matchup on 1 versus 1. Demonology for one would lose quite a bit as metamorphosis would more or less be rendered useless. Nonetheless it would be cool if some more 1 versus 1 matchups existed.

I would play Law against whatever she wanted to play, the idea being that you should probably play a slow enough spec to ensure that she gets to experiment with whatever she wants to ^^

Any spec can play slow(except maybe blood) but law has all sorts of “you can’t play with your toys”.

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Echoing what EricF said, Bashing vs Finesse is on its own a fun game to play. It looks simple but there’s lots of mind-games fun in it for experts, and for beginners it introduces the core gameplay at just the right pace where it isn’t ambiguous or overwhelming.

Highly encourage starting with it.

I haven’t tried any other matchups other than Bash vs. Finesse, but I’m thinking possibly the following might work:

Peace vs. Ninjitsu

Balance vs. Discipline

Purely speculation at this point.

Anarchy vs Growth, a part of the Red vs Green match-up, seems very interesting, especially depending on who is P1 and P2.