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[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5


Oops. Didn’t read my own notes correctly. Fixed now.
Double KO counts as no win/loss for both players.


Maybe change the icons to double :pschip: then? :wink:


I prefer the DBZ “blow each other away” effect he has now.


Double :pschip: doesn’t feel right to me. But hopefully double :knockdown: gets the point across better. We both hit each other in the face and we both lost.


Hey all…I can’t find the schedule of matches for any of the current tourneys. I just keep logging on to see if anyone’s on. Where can I go to find out when matches are scheduled to happen?



Vengefulpickle maintains a calendar of IYL tournament matches here, and he also keeps it up to date with other events that he’s aware of - Summer Smash matches, one-days, what have you! You can also check the Promote Your Tournament Match thread here, but not everyone posts in it when they have something coming up.


Many thanks!


Morningstar Sanctuary, Round 10:
@scymrian vs. variable

:onimaru::pschip::psfist::chibidragon: Deathstrike Dragon is a good move.
:onimaru::pschip::psfist::chibidragon: Menelker’s Goodmove™ (Not to be confused with Troq’s Goodmoove™.) strikes again, saving a Menelker player piloting a strange course through uneven terrain.
:zane::pschip::psfist::menelker: No DSD this time! A lot of face cards made an appearance, though. At one point Zane had zero cards! :scream_cat: It was short-lived, though, because I (maybe unwisely) went for a KD after scymrian facedowned & that card turned out to be a Joker! I didn’t navigate the endgame as well as I should have, but was able to close it out with a K eventually! :0


Flagstone City

Utralaw vs Vengefulpickle

:chibidegrey::psfist::pschip::chibivendetta: i don’t remmeber game one too much but it started with him not wanting to push a button and block up to a big hand size. And me with alot of face cards and 7 throw!
:degrey::pschip::psfist::chibivendetta: Vengefulpickle started off with alot of blocks and got a good hand size up. Was able to keep a low enough hand to make MHG a thing but Ven just had too much in hand to deal with. The game ended with a rhetoric on knock down naming attack and Vengefulpickle playing a K to negate the life gain and winning with a combo.
:degrey::psfist::pschip::vendetta: This game i got VERY lucky and was able to joker away a bunch of dmg at the right time and stole the game because of a miscalculation of MHG damage at the end. He had the 8 to stop it :frowning:
:chibidegrey::pschip: :psfist::vendetta: This one was a very back and forth round both ending up in the low HP department a 8 health to 9 health with a long stare down for the final reveal i pushed the Q button and he play a dodge. All joker were played on both side and that was that.
:disguisedmonkey::psfist::pschip::chibivendetta: Sadly this game Vengefulpickle was not able to draw any jokers or 8s to help him out and got lucky on a well time throw to push through the last bit of damage.

Utralaw 3-2 Vengefulpickle

Well played Vengefulpickle all the games were tense in there own way i look forward to our future matches to come :slight_smile: Very glad to know there is another person who likes to play late on the weekdays!


tcby vs Twenty-Seven


I basically constantly pressed DP and came out with a win
Huge comeback on both sides; Twenty-Seven game 3 with Ace throw, and me with not respecting menelker throws
Close fought!

Result: tcby wins 3-1 over Twenty-Seven


Game 3, you missed lethal at one point when I bluffed a joker after having both of them in my discard already :slight_smile: bought me several more turns that I didn’t need to have. Keep an eye on that in the future! Great games, lots of fun!


The @Copper8642 Method provides once again.


Fitting, considering I actually taught tcby how to play Yomi.


“Uppercut again!”
“But… my arms are tired master!”



Fluff 3-1 @FaceOnMars




I have the distinct honor of having played the first match with the new addition to his family, a puppy named Reggie, on his lap. GGs. WP.


I think I speak for the entire yomi community here when I say can we see a picture of the cute puppy please?


Seconded on the puppy motion


Here she is.


No wonder you lost @FaceOnMars, no mere mortal can contest against that cuteness.