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Yomi social thread


I’d say to create here too a topic where to collect all anecdotes, offballs yomi related.
Here are mine:
PLaying in survival as grave vs Ex lum (yomibot #5). T1 I reveal throw, he K. I take 6 dmg, he activates RtD revealing a joker and losing the game. Lmao.

PLaying as EX degrey against EX troq i dealt 88 dmg in a single figging combo!!! (IIRC was 56DD6J).
Remember that moral mountain applies also to normal attacks and i made him draw 2 cards with the D! i could not believe my eyes, was a TD level dmg!


And another character card becomes dust.

My preys So far: Rook (gold), Arg (gold), Degrey, Val, Ven. Maybe i forgot some, but who cares! :imp:


Guess who just got a Jaina Char card? @JonnyD

Since being one of the best players implies also being a kind human (or imho ur filth) i shall give to posterity also the stats it tracks before dusting her to dust!


This is how i won a yomi game T1.
I was Menelker, in an endless wait for an opponent.
So i chose to face EX lum to have a decent challenge.
I reveal block, he J. Chip damage let’s him roll the loaded dice into joker, so he loses the game.


didn’t happen to me, but I have seen normal Lum lose a game by flipping a joker.
poor soul…


here an horrible pun with a gorgeous punchline i wanna share:


“The Future is but a shadow of the Present. The Present is just a ripple from the Past. The Past is now.” Vortoss made up quote :stuck_out_tongue:


Yomi Salt, episode 1.

My most savoury moments:
As rook, play one game completely blockless. I only got special blocks and lost them after fierce block/block turns. God knows why i manage to win.
As Rook, again, play one game without fast throws (no 2,3,6,7 or K) desperate i try a 10 throw, get outsped by gloria’s 9. Died in shame. :’(
As onimaru, get only a k and a Q. i play them, 1 as dodge follow up for activating clockwork, the other as reversal. then i draw 9,9,9. no more faces until i die…


I was introduced to Yomi through a recommendation by Steve O’Dwyer. I recently purchased the Yomi 2nd edition bundle and have played about 10 games with my roommate. First impressions are very positive. We both have a lot a fun playing. Live (table) Yomi is a better experience than playing online, IMO. Have you played live? What do you all think?


Live is great ^^


Meat yomi is best yomi.


i love meat yomi. i got enamored with it online, bought the ruond 1 hoping to get yomi pals.
Sadly in my backwater country english is the language of the devil :frowning: