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Yomi-O's now with 200% more fireballs (v3 wishlist)


Yours isn’t showing on my end, and I can see @ArthurWynne’s votes…


I voted before I saw your post, so I read it as “which characters would you be willing to test”, and I voted for every character I don’t feel completely clueless about and/or actually dislike playing.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on 75% of the cast!


Yeah, seeing your votes was what made me go “oh no, that was poorly worded…” :laughing:

The good news is that you can change your vote if you want, so you can narrow it down to just a few (or add the ones you’re missing and just test everyone, lol).


Weird. Fixed (hopefully)!


Vote now a bit more representative of the characters I usually play.


Is Geiger being worse against Troq than he is now inherently bad? I’m not saying it isn’t, but you said it like it’s something that should be avoided and I’m not sure why.


No, it’s not inherently bad, I just hoped it would illustrate the severity of the change. A lot of people in the thread seem to think it’s not that big a deal, and I don’t really understand that attitude. I guess I hoped people’s wish to see Troq taken down a peg (or at least not buffed!) would get me some extra convincing points. :smile:


I realized while I was in the shower that you probably voted just as I was realizing that the poll I had made was set to keep votes private instead of public, which defeated the point, and since I (and you?) had already voted it couldn’t be changed. So I had to make a completely new post instead, and thus your votes were lost (if my theory is correct).


Like, Geiger hasn’t won anything in a while and that’s a more severe nerf than anyone is discussing for Troq. So I’m just a little baffled.


I love that even with your votes adjusted, we still have 40 total votes across 5 voters so far!


Variety is the spice of life… and Yomi.


I mean I am legit good with every character. I only disincluded Quince from my list because I don’t consider myself fully based in using him (even though I’m pretty good with him too).


Oh, I’m not saying it’s a good change or that Geiger needs it, I’m saying it’s a BETTER change than removing +1 damage on TD.


I’m definitely not going to question you about your character selection! I already knew you were good with everyone, so that’s fine. I just want most players to focus on what they’re best at.


lol fair enough


Should we repost this on the old forums, the discord chat, and ideally Fox News as well?? I’m worried there may still be someone on this Earth who hasn’t heard how good you are at this card game. :wink:


Guys this is awesome! I love that there is actual progress towards actual testing! :smile: I can’t make tonight to test things out but maybe I can look at formalising the arrangements.

Also I promised some more Jaina discussion, but now I don’t want to break the move forward…

I think I’ll summarise instead of wall-of-texting.

some Jaina stuff if you're interested

In short I looked at V1 Jaina, what changed for V2 and how that changed her playstyle. I concluded that a lot of her options got made a lot higher risk and lower reward and the way her abilities were reworked meant she had even less throws and blocks. (This is hardly news but it was nice to draw out exactly how it happened)

Based on that, I suggested moving her abilities to mimic Geiger’s distribution - move Unstable Power to 8, move Smoldering Embers to 6 and make Knee Bash a 9 damage regular throw at 8.6 speed.

A bit like @niijima-san’s comments on giving her a real 6-throw, this would be a way to give her a bunch more blocks and throws she can use, a 6 spin worth playing, and lean on @mysticjuicer’s suggestion of increased throw damage, only instead of spreading it out, focussing it on her 6.


Hey, do you want the Legend to help playtest or not?


I can probably make time.


I should hopefully be around!