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Yomi-O's now with 200% more fireballs (v3 wishlist)


Maybe you could have the 4* block discarded when used while KD regardless of whether it blocked an attack or not if you think it’s too strong, just like Rook’s special block. It might be too good if you can hold onto it.


What if you had to discard one or more cards to prevent mixups, in addition to it not drawing and getting either discarded or sent to bottom of deck? Also, maybe it could be added to the list of exemptions from Two Truths?

Edit: Now that I’ve read @migohunter’s idea above, I’ve made a draft:

4* Filibuster [During Combat]
You may discard a card to make this block avoid block damage and be immune to mixup normals. If you do or if you are knocked down, discard this card and do not draw a card from blocking.


Isn’t that redundant? Does it need the “or if you are knocked down” part?


The reason for that was to make sure that it would get discarded even if they did not play a mixup normal when you played this card. I suppose it could just be “if you are knocked down,” but then it interacts differently with EX Setsuki’s Ninjaport Dash (which as mentioned earlier can make someone vulnerable to mixups without knocking them down). I admit it’s a bit redundant, but it does cover all the cases I can see.


BBB ideas.

0 CP throws.
Normal Throws X.4 to X.2 or arguably X.0

I feel like this change doesn’t help him too much against grapplers, but helps him a lot against his bad matchups. 1 CP throws also gives him a much stronger late game.

-I think EX BBB is one of my favorite EX characters, but giving him more combo points would make him more strong against Grapplers. His throw punish is already amazing.

-His throw reward early game is still expensive, its still generally better early to land normals into blocks.

-Greatly helps his late game and makes some of his poor matchups like Setsuki/Valerie a bit more interactive.

-Giving BBB more incentive to throw makes his matchups with grapplers more interactive even if it winds up helping BBB. Considering some changes are nerfing his Q I think this is fine.

K Throw same speed. I feel like 9 turns are very interesting at not long range because of its “average speed”.


Doesn’t BBB already have 1 CP throws?


I don’t mind adjusting his throw speed or damage, personally. Just dont have any experience fighting BBB as a non-grappler.


If we are trying to mimic the effect of Rooks old special blocks, then we can just do the same thing they do in v2.

4* Filibuster [During Combat]
You may discard a card to make this block avoid block damage and be immune to mixup normals. This doesn’t return to hand or draw from blocking


True enough! Though I would want it to not be italicized, since it would be modifying the new “normal” behavior of special blocks returning to hand. Something like this, then:

4* Filibuster [During Combat]
You may discard a card to make this block avoid block damage and be immune to mixup normals. This doesn’t return to hand or draw from blocking.

If it proves to be too good, we can make Two Truths unable to grab it from the discard and/or find other ways to weaken it (maybe make it so if you don’t discard a card it loses to both odd and even? I don’t know, just tossing out ideas).


Two Truths isn’t a reliable way to get things back in hand, especially if it’s a powerful ability your opponent doesn’t want you to have again. I don’t think this card is too good, and it will need playtesting before further action.

Now to beat a dead horse with rewording

4* Filibuster [During Combat]
You may discard a card to make this block immune to mixup normals and block damage. This doesn’t return to hand or draw from blocking


Oh whoops. 0 CP.

I really want his throw damage to be increased.


That change was subtle enough it took a moment to see it, but you’re right that it’s better. Good call on Two Truth’s lack of reliability, too. I’ll add it as a change under consideration. Does anyone think I should move “AA to 1.0 speed” from consensus to under consideration as well, or should I leave it there?


Definitely move AA to consideration. This Filibuster change was suggested as a replacement for it after all.


Yeah it usually devolves into a late game of AA/Throw/Dodge, but his throws are generally expensive or weak. (Qs or its just like single A.)

This might usually add 6 or 7 damage to his late game throws with J or 6 attack. You might get the rare Throw Q Q, but that’s both very expensive and also very blue burstable. (37 damage 7 cards.)

I do however see Throw Q A being uncommon at 33 damage for 5 cards.

If this is too much I think 6 damage or EVEN lower throws are fine. Making it a strong late game tool. Afterall its generally better to land normals into blocks than throws. K is his best throw tool early.


Alright, that’s done! Someone who knows Quince better can improve on the description of why that change was suggested if they like, but that’s how I understood the discussion around it.


Thanks dude, was out to the cinema earlier so hadn’t had a chance to make the change yet. I’ll maybe edit some of the discussion but appreciate others making use of the wiki :smile:


Just want to briefly mention that in my game with @Rinzler just a few minutes ago, my Q>AA combo did 44 damage. DeGrey definitely has no need for Moral High Ground damage on Final Arbiter imo.


Why don’t I quadruple check it’s dead

4* Filibuster [During Combat]
This block doesn’t return to hand or draw from blocking. Discard a card to make this immune to mixup normals and block damage.

The reason for rearranging the order is simply so that it is clear that you always discard it, even if you don’t trigger the ability. I also deleted the “you may” because DeGrey’s 7* is worded without it.

We are fine with Quince losing one of his normal blocks right?

Also since this is V3 and we just fixed Rook special blocks, we need to decide how this one acts when countered and explicitly put it on the card. Personally I’m for all special blocks reverting to normal blocks, even this one. But since getting rid of it on use seems super important I thought I’d check.


Just curious, but how much MHG damage were you getting in that instance? Edit: thanks Hobusu, I should have just done some simple math * derp*


Did the math: Pilebunker is 14, Final Arbiter is 20, so the remaining 10 damage came from Moral High Ground adding 5 twice. I think 39 from only one MHG trigger would have been plenty! :smile:

Removing MHG from AA also results in Q>6>J doing the same damage as Q>AA if MHG is at 6 damage, which I think is interesting. More generally, the change reduces his dependence on Aces and makes his non-Ace combo cards more valuable because they don’t have to compete with Final Arbiter as much, which seems like a good thing.