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Yomi-O's now with 200% more fireballs (v3 wishlist)


small brain: winning Rook vs BBB with careful usage of Js, Qs, and Ks

normal brain: winning Rook vs BBB with silent CMB on an Overdrive turn

galaxy brain: winning Rook vs BBB with m a s s i v e Rock Armour damage


If this change brings back the old juicer, I’m all for it.


This version of Rook (at least to me) sounds way more fun to play than Troq! And I’m in full agreement with Bomber on this one, I want to see the return of the mysticjuicer who commentated on Rooks vs The World with so much glee and who loved Rook so much that he made a video guide to playing him!

Only partly joking when I say that getting Rook in a state where you’d use him again is, like, half of why I want a 3rd edition to happen. :smile:


V3 Rook Changes
Brown Rook —> Slower attacks
Orange Rook —> More throws
Rook Rook —> More attacks

Rook was too much like Rook and now must be less like Rook so he’s fun like the other Rooks


Added explicit text to Rook 3* and 5* to deal with their behaviour under counters. I also intend to add this to Gwen’s 10* when I put up some suggestions for her.

I put these under “Consensus” since I’ve never heard someone say they didn’t like this change - only that we wouldn’t be able to overturn The Word of God.


Perhaps The Word of God will be convinced by playtesting.


Speaking of playtesting, that’s a thing people should start doing soon… :wink:

I’d be happy to give it a try, but I’m sure everyone would need to learn how rules-less mode works first and I can’t really give a good opinion on balance for most of the cast…


@mysticjuicer, the one question I have about your suggestion is whether you think an 8>9>10 straight would be too good? That’s 27 damage—which is more damage than any attack combination in his current kit—and an Ace on top of the damage. The only thing I see holding it back is that you have to pay for Rock Armor if they reveal any* attack of their own, but it’s a brutal throw punish and for that amount of damage and the Ace I doubt many Rooks would mind the Rock Armor cost.

*There’s probably a couple attacks slower than 8.8 speed, but who’s going to play them against Rook anyway? Especially a Rook with a 9-attack for this straight…


Hi, I have a @migohunter approved fix for Quince. I don’t like the suggestion of giving Quince a 1.0 speed reversal; if anything, he’s supposed to be the one character without one. Instead, I suggest adding this ability to his 4-block:

4*: [During Combat] This block cannot be hit by knockdown mixups. When you block an attack or Joker with this card, take no block damage, discard this card, and do not draw a card from blocking.

This was inspired by an old version of Gloria. Let me know what you think.


I would suggest rewording it to say “mixup normals” instead, both because that’s the correct term and because EX Setsuki’s Ninjaport Dash can make the opponent vulnerable to mixup normals without knocking them down. Other than that, it seems like an interesting idea!

Oh, and maybe the ability name could include the word “filibuster”? It seems fitting for a corrupt politician’s block, especially with the effect it has.


Makes sense. I used the exact wording from the old version of the card, but I guess the correct wording changed between then and release.


Seems like a good alternative to a reversal, I’ll add it to the “Under Consideration” list and move 1.0 speed AA there too since thats some disagreement (from @migohunter no less)


Yeah, I am in favor of giving Quince stronger defensive options instead of faster attacks, fits the flavor of the character more since he is a politician that is a master of deflection. Also suffers the same imbalance that 2.4 J would have where his magical speed 1.0 AA would clash with a lot of things which triggers positive spin.


The address your 2nd point first, the only attack slower than 8.8 speed is currently Oni’s 10 attack (and Zane’s 9 attack, as @flagrantangles has pointed out!). Rook’s 8 would also trade with Troq’s 8.

To your first point, no, I don’t think it’d be too good. 27 damage is just 3 damage more than his current max (TQ+/TJT), but with the benefit of getting him an Ace. It’s 6 more damage than 678, which also gets him an Ace. Seems fine. He already struggles to make beneficial trades with Rock Armor against most of the cast, I don’t think 3 damage is going to massively alter that.


This seems much much stronger than 1.0 AA.

edit: I’m not sure if that’s bad or good. Like, Quince is just immune to all cross-up attempts now, not just against Zane (except against characters with counters).


Zane has a 9-attack bee tee dubs.


Oh, right! lol Thanks! Editing my comment.


I don’t think it’s too strong, but it certainly has the potential to be slightly overtuned. You can always have 4* go to the bottom of the deck rather than to the discard, where it can be easily retrieved by Two Truths. Honestly, I don’t mind it right now but maybe retrieving 4* would be slightly problematic (it is hard to say without testing). I certainly like this idea better than 1.0 speed AA though, and it creates a unique situation in particular when Quince is knocked down that opens up more counterplay. Also it stops Geiger J from just winning the game sometimes.


I feel like it takes Quince from “kind of weak on knockdown” to “one of the best characters in the game on knockdown.” I hadn’t thought about Two Truths recurring it either. That’s p brutal.


I’m just chiming in to say that I really like the 4 idea. In order to really consider the impact of the ability, I think it would be best to look at matchups in which crossups are integral. Zane and Valerie after obvious. Vendetta and Gwen are both on that list as well though I think they get ignored often. After that, I’d say Grave and maybe Jaina. I’ll have real thoughts later when I don’t have to type them on my phone.