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Yomi-O's now with 200% more fireballs (v3 wishlist)


Fair enough. I don’t feel the same way you do about counter-picking, but there’s no way we get to exactly 5-5 for 20 characters anyway, so counter-picking isn’t going anywhere. The hopeful result of all this is that some of the worst MUs in the game become less bad, and the strongest characters in the game are more in line with the rest of the cast, which should result in the world you want (“counterpicking still exists, but there are more options for what to counterpick with because there are less 7-3 MUs in general.”)


Because player skill and perception are imperfect, counter picks would still exist in a true 5-5 game. This MU is even but you hate it and always do worse then the spread? Counter. Also “even” yet volitile or extreme familiarity can add variance to the MU spread of two particular players.

Granted it’s not as dramatic.


Yeah, I don’t know. Out of combat damage is scary, and a lot of the cast want/need Aces against Lum in the end-game. I guess this change makes it so that you have higher odds of getting some damage, and then a smaller chance to deal more damage than the current version… I don’t know. I’m not sure it helps more vs Arg and DeGrey than it helps in other match-ups, and I know so little about Lum’s good MUs that I just stayed out of it.


Good, because this goal I can totally get behind (it’s what I thought this was all aboot!).

Incidentally, this is why I don’t like tournaments that don’t allow me my full rainbow of CP options (like stables and 19XX)


Yeah, special blocks only getting discarded when their ability actually activates (and therefore returning to hand when countered) is a nice quality of life change for a character who could really use it. I’m not positive that it makes the MU even, but it certainly doesn’t hurt it.


Interesting! I didn’t realize that was your reservation about the 19XX format.


Especially since having a special block countered would presumably let Rook draw a card in addition to returning it to hand, so he gets a sort of consolation prize if he doesn’t get damage and/or knockdown from playing one. Doesn’t that mean that Arg countering a special block lets Rook draw two cards and return the block to hand? Special blocks so OP! :wink:


Well I mean, that and anything that makes Setsuki top-tier hurts my soul.


drake looking away, displeased: dodges > blocks > special blocks

drake pointing, smiling in agreement: dodges > special blocks > blocks



I honestly can’t remember. Does Arg’s counter give his opponent a card 100% of the time, or is it only when abilities are played from hand?


Copied directly from the Yomibase page for Arg:

T - Crash and Flow [Reaction]
Counter an ability and that player draws a card. If it was played from hand, put it on the bottom of their deck. (Prevent and undo the ability. You can’t counter Aces, Jokers or character cards.)


How did I not know that existed?! Bless @vengefulpickle!


I think it was his first contribution to the community, even before volunteering to revive IYL! I helped a bit too, mostly by making some suggestions for improvement and entering data so he would have time to do the real coding.


It’s beautiful! :sob:


Let one of us know here if there’s any mistakes or if you have ideas for improvement—in the case of the former, I can probably fix it by myself with only a couple minutes of work. I’ve been meaning to get back to it at some point… Apparently I was in the process of adding combo data for the EX characters when I took a break.


I think by now you should have more than enough evidence to conclude that I cannot actually read. :wink:


I was going to say, it turns out you were the first one to comment on the topic for it…! :laughing:

How do you play Yomi, a game played on cards with lots of words, when you can neither read nor remember what you’ve read? :thinking: :wink:


A mystery for the ages. :smile:

alt response 1: I play by sense of smell.

alt response 2: valuation > reads


I don’t agree with your views on the value of counter-picking gameplay at all and I would guess that your view is in a very small minority here. That isn’t necessarily a problem in itself, but I wonder has it led, or will it lead, to you talking at cross purposes with other people when discussing balance. That might be something to watch out for.


Regarding fixing Lum’s MU against Arg:

I’m thinking that allowing Lum to draw off the bottom of the deck more often might be the thing. This is probably best done by tweaking Roll The Dice, but it could easily be a part of Jackpot too, although not so easily with the proposed Jackpot change.

Regarding the proposed change to Jackpot, turning over two cards and only drawing on hits: I think I like it, but thinking about this change is tying me in knots. It is both possibly too strong on damage and too weak on card cycling. I’m pretty sure it would be a big change to Lum’s play, so it’s hard to say how it would go.