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[Yomi] Forums Quick Matches - Sign Ups Always Open!


I’m super in. I might also be able to recruit someone if I’m lucky.


I’ll give it a shot.


Sure I’m in. IMO @vengefulpickle need to find some help in this with more TOs, because that sounds like a lot of hard work to be done.


sure why not


I’m going to be running it mostly with a python script that I’ve written/am writing, so it shouldn’t be too much work once that’s done.



Gauging Interest: Drop-in/Drop-out Ranked-Forums format

I am very interested in this Yomise! :smiley_cat:

Also, I’m in Central Standard Time & I’d prefer to play between 9 PM & 12 AM from Monday to Friday! I might be able to play earlier on weekends!


I’m sorta interested in Yomi right and this looks pretty low commitment so I feel comfortable entering.


Sure, I’ll give it a shot.


Scheduled Yomi is my favorite Yomi! Count me in, honeycakes!


I promise I haven’t forgot about this, it’s just been a busy week so I haven’t managed to code up the tools yet.


Eh, I might as well throw my hat in here too. Getting more practice can’t hurt!


there’s always need to play!


Seems like having a delayed start is no bad thing, since the signups are still coming in.


Ok, just sent out the first round of matches. I expect to post weekly standing posts in this thread as well, But the matchup threads will have to do for now.


I can’t believe I didn’t sign up for this! I sign up for most everything. Can I play beginning next week?




So, just to clarify, we are supposed to report match results here? Or will there be a separate thread?


Yeah, just report matches here. No need for a separate thread.


Week 1

Zqxx v @vengefulpickle


:argagarg::psfist::pschip::persephone: This goes well for me!

:argagarg::pschip::psfist::persephone: This goes poorly for me.

:setsuki::psfist::pschip::persephone: Before the set, I clarified with @vengefulpickle that I should take this game ~ seriously ~, so instead of staying on :argagarg: the whole time, I dutifully switch to my :persephone: CP. I proceed to win with a perfect and then immediately apologize for playing :setsuki:.

:setsuki::pschip::psfist::setsuki: Wackiness ensues. @vengefulpickle makes it very clear to me that I still have much to learn about the ways of the ninja.

:midori::psfist::pschip::setsuki: Even more wackiness ensues. I go way too low hand in the early game trying to spin a dQ that was already winning combat with Glimpse (@vengefulpickle countered my first 10*, and my brain decided to ignore everything it knows about the sunk cost fallacy and played my second so that the resources I had spent so far wouldn’t be “wasted” :joy:). After that, it was a really tense game where I had to make a lot of nerve-wracking and risky plays to claw my way to a winnable state.

Very fun set! I guess this means we have the distinction of being the first forum quick match played and reported?