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[XCAPS19] Marto vs bansa


I don’t think you paid for this guy?

Also, does Terras Q not interact with Blooming Ancient? I mean, when you summon units for your opponent, shouldn’t that count as units arriving?


Oh my. This changes my turn, as I can’t find a way to end up to the same situation without paying those 2. I guess I’d have played the same, given lvls to Arg instead, not attacked with Rook (or more probably hitting a tech building), and patrolled BC in SQL. But anyway, having read all of bansa’s stuff is too huge an advantage to continue the game, so I guess I just concede it ?

As for terras Q and BA, I think you’re right. After reading Sirlin’s entries on Terras Q, it seems that Warlock enter play as units controlled by the opponent, so BA should trigger ?


No, in this case Bansa conceded first, so that would end the game. If a player in a magic tournament concedes, you don’t typically invalidate the round due to a mistake caught later. Plus the mistake didnt matter if you consider the Terras Q adding 4 runes to the BA.


Yes, my concede still holds. Thanks for checking though.


A random question if any of you has the answer. How do I stop getting reminder emails? I like the notifications top right corner when I’m online but I don’t want the email reminders.


Check your account preferences, there should be a section for emails.


Yes! I found it, thanks @charnel_mouse !!


This honestly wasn’t a drastically different position from the one which Bansa conceded, so fwiw to both players, I think the decision to have the concession stand was the right one and didn’t affect anything terribly.

GG WP to both, fun to watch!

I would agree with that reading, “of yours” seems to be “you control” and “arrives” applies to the Warlocks going from non-existence to existence. Probably worth putting in the Rules thread just for searchability; I will make a posting there and link it to here for reference.