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[XCAPS19] charnel_mouse vs Dreamfire


True, it was a foregone conclusion either way. Well played! Bad Turn 5 patrol on my part, and I got myself too invested in keeping Orpal alive. I feel like we’ve been there before :wink:


I thought your leaning on Orpal worked well, actually - I never even considered Mox, and that Carrion Curse was on point as well. I think your only mistake was teching up when you did, given that you weren’t drawing into any tech 2 cards at that point. If you had played and patrolled a hero instead, I’d have had no way to get at Orpal, and you could’ve Death & Decayed me into oblivion on the following turn.


Good point, not sure why I didn’t consider playing a hero there. Oh well. Best of luck for the rest of the tournament!