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[XCAPS19] Bomber678 vs Dreamfire


You misspelled Zane :wink:

Honestly I think Zane and Garth are the S tier, with Vandy leading the Rook/Drakk/ Maybe Finesse (for being one of the best supports with spells and a very combo-able tech 2) on the next tier down.

Peace, Growth, Past are close behind (they fit a lot of game plans and are quite powerful on their own), and several others close behind that.

But yea Zane and Garth bring the most game-changing elements consistently via hero summon. Immediate 4(+1 to patrol) or immediate Tech 2 (5 cost or less) combined with Skeleton spam are just huge swings on the board that can be kept on the side for immediate access. No draws required (though both have card draw built into their body too! Consistency ++)

We should make a tier list thread for that topic, though XD I think there’s a lot of new perspective lent to Finesse after all the PbF tournaments, and Peace and Present are definitely not as powerful as was initially thought 2+years ago