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[XCAFS18] FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance

On second Thoughts

I just figured out Max Drakk + Crash Bomber would lead to a Garth kill !
Maxband Drakk (1 gold left)
Horror trading with SQL, lobber with Zombie, skeleton 1 with Elite.
Play Crash Bomber, gets Hasty
Bomber trades with scav, deals 1 to techn
Garth kills techn
last skele trades with Garth.

That’d left him with a wounded Garth, Maxband Drakk in SQL, and tech II, but only 3 cards; vs me having Max midori, no tech II (but heroes’ hall), and 5 cards plus loads of gold ie I’d build a tech II. That’d be fun, as with him having 7 workers and me 8 and seeing the board state, we could belive we’re playing turns 3-4…

The situation would be far less dire than a straight Doom Grasp on Midori, but far more plausible. I feel Frozenstorm teched LBs fairly recently, after the “aggro lobbers + tech II” plan fell off. So I expect him not having teched other Garth spells…


I don’t mind an edit to optimize, despite being in bad shape as it is :wink:


No it’s fine, I’ll stick to this line. If ever it was a mistake, I prefer learning the hard way :wink:


This is intense. You are certainly living up to the tournament nickname, undead bloodbath.


You should still be teching new cards, no?


I think Garth is proving his strength, for certain, and generally speaking “base damage” is proving its utter irrelevance as a “cost”. I’m beginning to think you could add +2 damage to base to Dark Pact AND Lich’s Bargain, and they would still be incredibly strong against all non-red decks.

That, and I was wildly optimistic in my non LB teching lol :slight_smile:

XCAFS Round 2 Player 1, Turn 7

P1 [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs P2 [Necro]/Present/Balance

Starting Hand

Hotter Fire
Molting Firebird

Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (7+1scav)
  • Tech 2 cards in (except turn 1)
All Teched Cards

Bloodlust, Kidnapping
Hooded Executioner, Bone Collector
Lich’s Bargain x2
Hotter Fire, Ember Sparks
Molting Firebird x2
Lobber x2


  • Molting Firebird (4)
  • Horror trades with your Zombie
  • Lobber and a skeleton trade with your Horror
  • Jaina (2)
  • Make a skeleton (1)
  • Worker (0)

Hotter Fire, Jandra, the Negator, Summon Skeletons, Skeletal Archery, Pestering Haunt, Poisonblade Rogue

  • :pspurpleshield: Patrol as below
  • Discard 0 Draw 2
  • Tech 2 cards before my next turn

Board Info:


  • :heart: Base HP: 10
  • Tech1 HP: 5
  • Tech2 HP: 5 FIRE

In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Molting Firebird (4/3+1armor)
  • :psfist: Elite: Garth (1+1/3 lvl 1))
  • :pspig: Scavenger:
  • :exhaust: Technician: Jaina (2/3 lvl 1)
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:

  • Skeleton (1/1)
  • Skeleton (1/1)

Economy Info:


  • Hand: 2
  • Deck: 2
  • Disc: 11


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 8

End of Turn Hand

Ember Sparks
Skeleton Javelineer

End of Turn Discard

Lich’s Bargain
Lich’s Bargain
Bone Collector
Hooded Executioner
Thieving Imp
Molting Firebird

My Thoughts

I really need to keep Midori from taking over, so I feel like I have to play the firebird. Also I’d really like to get rid of the Horror, though, which means giving up most of my ground cover for the Firebird (and he has likely good access to StW). So I think I need Jaina as a blocker, and to just do my best to keep two skeletons safe in backline. I’m really just about cooked though.


You’re absolutely right. I manually add 2 cards to my discard, and will edit my turn accordingly. Thankfully I saw your message before Frozenstorm’s.

@FrozenStorm nevertheless, if you want to change your turn in any way… I’m really sorry for that. :frowning:


Absolutely no sweat, carry on


As for base damage, I fully agree; losing a worker hits way harder than any base damage, as base races seldom happen (Blood if they don’t play Crashbarrows, some Fire game plans, and sometimes Earthquake-heavy strategies).
Lich’s Bargain is strong, though not so unbalanced (in this game, for example, my eco has been so crippled from turn 4 that I never managed to build Tech II), but when Midbandori adds up, the tempo gain is huge.


Tech StartingHand Workers

Death Rites

Bone Collector
Nether Drain
Lich’s Bargain
Doom Grasp

Jandra, the Negator
Poisonblade Rogue
Skeletal Archery


Thieving Imp
Skeleton Javelineer
Bone Collector


Lich's Bargain
Hooded Executioner
Tiny Basilisk
Doom Grasp
Lich's Bargain
Nether Drain
Death Rites

Tech 2 card(s)
Get Paid + float - ($10)
Skeleton - ($9)
Bone Collector - ($7)
Doom Grasp Firebird, killing just summoned skeleton - ($3)
Midori kills Garth, mine lvl 6
Maxband Garth, healing. Argonaut arrives from discard. - ($2)
Garth kills Jaina, you draw 1
all 3 Skeletons destroy your Tech II, your base takes 2 damage

Float ($2)
Discard 2, draw 4

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Argonaut 3/4+A
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger:
  • :pschip: Technician: Bone Collector 3/3
  • :target: Lookout:
    In Play:
  • lvl 7 Garth 3/2
  • lvl 8 Midori 4/5
  • Skeleton 2/2
  • Skeleton 2/2
  • Skeleton 2/2
  • :heart: Base HP: 11
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Heroes' Hall HP: 4

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 1
  • Disc: 10
  • Gold: 2
  • Workers: 8

Trying as hard as I can but I fail to see any lethal.
Best line I have so far: Nether Drain Midori (who loses flying) to Garth. Midori kills Jaina, Garth maxbands, dooms his evil self, and hits base with all 3 skeletons for 9 damage. One short :frowning:


Doom Grasp, bah! I was thinking about it on turn 4 but totally forgot by now!

GG WP @marto, I’m not coming back from this :wink: I was overly optimistic thinking I could protect maxband Drakk and tech up for firebirds. I probably should have killed Geiger, in hindsight, to avoid Now! as an attack vector (I was primarily focused on Doom Grasp or Nether Drain as threats to Drakk’s safety)

I don’t think your econ was “crippled” at all. With the Tech 1 and Hero lineup you have, there’s absolutely no issue with staying on Tech 1 all game. I felt quite the opposite; I was always looking at your gold / worker count like “how is floating gold AND completely decimating me turn after turn???” Indeed, Midbandori brings the noise for a Lich’s Bargain bunch.

@zhavier round 2 to Marto, I clearly have some learnin’ to do on this deck :wink:


Well my Tech Is and heroes, as great as they are, can’t resist any charging tech II, whether from Drakk or being Crashbarrows. I’m surprised you chose Fire as tech II; while Firebirds can blast any skele-spam to pieces, it needs set-up; and setting up against Necro isn’t that easy, especially with hasty options.

Now I look at your hands, I see you could beat me up even harder on T3 with deteriorate, at the cost of a worker: either keeping the line you played, but with Haunt dead; or Jandra hitting SQL + Elite, Jav killing Techn and Lobber killing Garth, then deteriorate Haunt. Depending on your line, you could either keep Jandra, or Lobber + Jav (probably the best option), at the cost of delaying your tech II to turn 5. But with Max Drakk, a charging Bone Collector may be as fearsome as many Tech IIs…

And on turn 4, did you consider killing Geiger ? With him out, I had no hasty options, so your tech II was just as safe; but Drakk would’ve died from Nether Drain. When teching for turn 3, I considerer baiting you with Geiger and teching Nether Drain, but as my thoughts mentioned, I supposed you’d prefer not losing a unit + half of Drakk’s HP for no level, and I went for 2x Now! Would you have killed Geiger, it was probably game, as I had no way to block Hasty firebird(s) .


Yea, had I suspected you teched 2x Now! and not 2x Doom Grasp (which really I should have), I probably would have killed Geiger. Nether Drain + Jav would kill Drakk, and that was on my mind, but I should not have given up on Drakk probably dying on my Turn 4. That definitely was the critical point, and the hasty firebird turn 5 indeed probably would have been able to lock things up for me. I should have either split my turn 3 tech to BC + Firebird and let my draws dictate where I went with Teching up, or Killed Geiger, and I definitely should have suspected Now! instead of DG for cost reasons.

I did consider skipping worker for Deteriorate, but since you have Doom Grasp as an option, it felt wrong to go THAT hard on early Drakk rush. And there wasn’t a world in which Jandra dies on my turn 3, but I keep Lobber + Jav, as you had nothing I could take 3 damage off of. So even if put the 1 extra damage on Jandra by putting her on SQL + overpower X AND I skipped worker to deteriorate haunt, you’d deteriorate Jandra next turn and I lose Lobber, Jav & Jandra regardless, yea? Felt better to just let the Lobber die, so I can re-draw him for more hasty damage


Jandra only murders stuff from combat damage death. Deteriorate is fine!


Oh snap! Why was I even worried then lol :wink:


It’s like they say, yomi is the Japanese word for reading your cards.

This was a great match to watch, you two are spoopy players.