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[XCAFS18] FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs Bomber678 [Necro]/Truth/Blood


I did the math on every possible play, and in every line you had sufficient damage on your board to kill me (although possibly not when considering the splitting of it), and you’re definitely going to have something dangerous in your hand, including drakk maxband.
So it’s safe to say, I lose.

Gg sir. I have no idea how to use this deck, but you know how to use yours.



GG WP! I definitely think the biggest problem was your turn 2 tech. Bone Collectors as P2 against an aggressive deck just doesn’t work out great. With all that float, I was expecting Kidnapping or a Fast tech 2 + Hoodie or Lich’s Bargain, something to help swing momentum for you. Once you hit tech 2, mirrors were going to totally roll me, so I had to mortgage econ for tempo to stop that, and I felt like you let me to some extent.

Still a fun game, as playing with you always is :slight_smile: