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When the [Codex] hits just right


I was playing [Past/Present]/Growth against monoblack. I was player 2. The game wasn’t going well, he went disease and kept either weakening or clearing my line but he couldn’t break through, yet I couldn’t mount much offense. When turn 4 rolled around, I just though to myself, “We’re doomed anyway” and teched 2 Guargums. A few turns later, I finally got Guargum out and my opponent cleared my whole line (including Guargum) except for a maxbanded Geiger on technician with one -1/-1 rune and two damage. Luckily my final hand was the other Guargum, Now!, and Dinosize. With my 11 workers I was able to obliterate his line and hit base for 20 in one turn.


Even by the standards of this thread, that is ridiculously awesome. The fact you had EXACTLY 20 damage just makes it sweeter. [Actually no, it was 21, because Geiger was at max.] Bet he wished he could have put out a 5th patroller :wink:


Well he exhauated most of his units and his hero taking out the first Guargum :smile:. Most of the salt was about having left Max alive to deny me the technician draw.


Neither of these led to wins, but they were very satisfying:

  1. Facing @Hobusu with a Sparring Partner in SQL and Lv. 3 Grave in Technician with a +1/+1 rune, and with a full-health porcupine, a 4/2 Glorious Ninja (I bloodlusted it the turn before), and a Tower behind the lines. I had nothing but a Lv. 1 Vandy (just snapped in) and a Tech I/II (Blood). With $8 and a technician draw I did the following: Glider trades with SP. MM hits Grave to 4 hp. Crashbarrow takes out Grave and OPs to kill GNinja. Rambaster hits Tech II for 3 hp and survives Tower. Vandy (now midband) takes out Tech II and survives Tower. Patrol Crashbomber in Technician. (I didn’t touch the porcupine. That guy’s sharp.)

  2. Trying out mirror shenanigans against @CesareB: On my Turn 3, he had no defense, but max Calamandra and 1/1 Rambaster. I had a Bluecoat Musketeer, a Traffic Director, and a 0/1 leftover Mirror Token. Zane -> Chaos Mirror to swap Mirror with Cal -> Token safely hits Cal for 4. Zane kills Rambaster and survives. Bluecoat kills Cal. Chaos Mirror to swap Mirror with TDirector -> TDirector kills the HH he just built. I had no real game plan besides playing lots of CM and Now!, and I never damaged his base after that, but the Bluecoat I played T1 lasted until his T8; it was like a cheaper Bloodburn for the whole game.


My friend surprised me today. I wasn’t sure where to post it, so here it is.


That’s sick! :smiley:


Heh, birds.


I hit opponent base twice with nullcraft in the first turns of the game.

Fast forward several turns, I managed to pull a sacrifice everything to bring in two Omegacrons for lethal damage.
It felt great and my opponent was left in disbelief of what just happened


i cannot see the image :frowning:


Haha! What’s even more awesome about that is that aside from the spell art, everything refers to “Strength Hero”. So why couldn’t it be Android 16?


I wish Sirlin would release his card templates so it’d be easier to make these things or homebrew factions. <3
Can totally understand if that’s not possible though.


I’m on my phone now and can’t see it either, maybe the picture has trouble with mobile devices.

edit: I removed the spoiler tags and it shows up fine on my phone now. Hopefully, it does for you as well.


i was on my laptop. now i can see it too. thank you ^^


I played mono black vs mono blue
I decided to play different from the usual garth and skeleton or vandy. I played orpal.
With some struggle I managed to max him and keep him alive. I have few patrollers and tech1.
My opponent had tech 1 tech 2 (law) and tech lab (peace), jail. Few weak tech 0 and tech 1 units plus a hero.

Death and Decay.

Hero gone pattrolers gone units gone jail gone 3 to base tech1 and tech2.
Leftover units had enough attack power to finish tech 1&2
From here on snowballed into another

Death and Decay


Neither my opponent nor myself played any tech 2 units or buildings

I am now a new believer in Orpal’s ultimate.


One of us.


When Vandy or Garth plays go well you feel powerful and unstoppable… but pulling off successful Orpal shenanigans and watching your opponent’s board and spirit wither and die just brings that irreplaceable perverse satisfaction :imp:


Had a couple of tasty moments last night playing Green for the third through fifth time ever!

So it turns out that Gemscout Owl + Circle of Life = Tech II on turn 3. I guess Red has difficulty handling a patrolling Oversized Rhino with mainly Tech 0 and maybe Tech I units overall. Other fun options include Wandering Mimic* (immediately gets haste against Red more or less automatically) and that guy with all the +1 chits.

Also had a great moment where I allllllmost made things work out acceptably by Polymorphing a Pirate Gunship. Unforunately things didn’t go my way, and in fact that 1/1 gunship squirrel still helped take out my Tech II. Oops.

*Can’t be bothered to update the Red Herring Strategies thread but adding flying to a Wandering Mimic can backfire spectacularly when you realize that suddenly it effectively can no longer patrol. I had this realization the other night when playing my wife, at approximately the exact moment my Gemscout Owl touched the table.


Was teaching a friend Codex, and he made the mistake (which he realized shortly after) of using Argagarg to boost a Wisp up to 1/2 to ping one of my units instead of patrolling it and Arg.

Kidnapping on his Water Elemental, Drakk’s midband and a bunch of other units for 27 damage to the base.


2 Headed Dragon mode:

I am playing black with a green partner, we have Orpal lvl 4 and Calamandra and an ironbark treant in play. I just built my tech 2 demonology last turn, no spare gold. In my hand I have Terras Q and a sickness spell (costs 8 gold). There is an opposing hero that my partner can kill with Calamandra stealth. So I get the dream: Play Terras Q, My partner uses Calamandra to kill a hero and gives levels to maxband Orpal, and I play sickness to kill all 4 warlocks…

And my opponent’s response? Injunction!


so uh, who got codexed in that on?