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What do you drink?


Vaguely orange. I wouldn’t want someone to think it was going to taste like actual oranges. They used to joke that the main ingredient was iron girders, but that advert was banned in the US for “false advertising” :joy:

The original recipe Irn Bru is also banned from the US as it uses a non-standard colouring. Some Scottish people will tell you it was a move by Coke to specificlaly stop Irn Bru being sold, but I’m not convinced Coke really care about it all that much.

Apparently there is now a US compatible variant recipe with a different orange colouring but all comments I’ve found suggested it tastes quite different.


If you asked me two years ago I could have told you quite a few things about European wheat beers, sours and sundry other concoctions, which I like a great deal. But, I don’t drink alcohol anymore. :slight_smile:


I usually have some kind of squash (usually Ribena)

Boring James Milner would be proud. :slight_smile:


IPA drinker here. But I don’t often drink while playing, mainly because I don’t want to have to get up to take a leak.


I’m pretty into craft beer, as I used to work in the industry. So if I get an evening match, I’m drinking whatever IPA is in my fridge, or sipping something dark, probably barrel aged. If it’s a morning match, then I usually am still drinking coffee, usually something from Ethiopia or Kenya.


H2O and Good ol herbal tea are my drink of choice


Just water mostly. Sometimes Lipton black tea.


My own tears sweetened with a hint of embalming fluid.


the blood of virgins


Either vodka or tequila. Can only play Perse drunk.