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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


We will definitely have another one. The venue worked well, and once they get their staff back up we will be able to stay later than 8pm.

Is anyone here London based? I would love to know who I can meet up with to play informally!


Anyone got any more pics?

I’m not on the discord so I haven’t actually seen any but I know more were taken.


Send me a PM if any of you crazy kids ever end up coming to the Great White North! Had so much fun great food, great matches, and great people :grin:


Yeah I got lazy and didn’t post them yet. I will later.


I mean how far north are we talkin’ here?


Technically visiting Canada would probably be South-East for you. :wink:


If you end up seeing polar bears and a giant fat man in red you gone too far.:grin::christmas_tree::penguin:


Here’s a dump of photos

For some reason they’re all on the side? Weird.



I feel like not enough attention has been drawn to @Fenrir’s enormous spindown die. It was definitely pretty intimidating and I think the main reason he beat me.


I’ve considered buying one at SPIEL in Essen and now I regret not having done so. :frowning:


“speak softly and carry a big spindown dice” - Sun Tzu, probably


Wait wait, who is whom? I need to know :octopus:


I’m the guy with long hair.
Utralaw is the guy smiling in every photo.
Zejety is the German looking one.
Snoc is actually Edward Snowden.
Apalm is the guy who actually looks like an adult.
Rincy is the sarcastic looking one.
And Fenrir looks kind of like his display picture.


…Kind of?


Wow, most people tell me I look like a teenager. So adult is an upgrade!


I’m depressed at how young you all look :frowning:


I don’t mean it in the sense of age, I mean it like you’re the only one who doesn’t look like a board game nerd. You look like you actually have a job. In a real field!


:astonished: Omg he was never in Russia but secretly living in Europe


I’m also in the UK: I have a full copy of Yomi 2e (including EX box because I’m a sucker for storage solutions) and currently own the starter set for Codex and should have the core coming in today. Would be interested in meetups or even just some face to face games :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also I’m in London!


You mean GEReat looking?